4 Practical Strategies to Improve Company Culture

Company culture

Technology has impacted the world of business in not so subtle ways, and sure enough, these disruptions are also affecting corporate culture as a whole. Company executives are becoming more and more focused on maintaining and nurturing relationships with their employees. Better productivity and efficiency is possible when everyone is involved in developing the culture of the workplace. A healthy ...

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11 Fail-safe Ways to Drive Traffic to your Small Business Website

Professional website

Building a website is no big deal these days. Every now and then, you will find one springing up right around the internet corner. However, making a success of the website is. A website survives, much less thrives, if it’s able to draw quality traffic to your site. Now, the question is, how do you attract quality traffic to your ...

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Best Android Phone Games Released in 2018

Multiplayer game

Android phone games are loved by everyone old and young. Let’s look at the best that 2018 has given us so far. 1. Part time UFO A casual game where one has to complete small tasks to gain points. Small tasks include putting things in their right place, moving cargo, etc. Fun elements include unlocking outfits and getting your UFO ...

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It’s Time To Add Some Style To Those Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweater

Where did the obsession with ugly Christmas sweaters come from? Theories abound, but it appears the “ugly Christmas” fashion trend was inspired by those hand-knit, ill-fitting sweaters gifted to kids by their aunts and grandmothers. To those who knit, a red cable sweater featuring snowflake-shaped holes and a bunch of green reindeer seems like a wonderful gift. When you’re the ...

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Ways to introduce yourself on Instagram

Instagram follower

Instagram is currently the best social media platform to express yourself. More and more people are turning to Insta because they want to be heard out. So many influencers are born every day, thanks to this platform. If you too want people who know about you and have something unique to offer, try out expressing yourself on Instagram. Tips to ...

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How to Make Your Bitcoins an Investment Opportunity


While there are many investment opportunities out there for those that want to make money, bitcoins have become an ever more attractive proposition. It is odd that bitcoins, although a currency, isn’t often used as such. When people buy bitcoins, they are usually going to keep them in the hope that they can then sell them for a profit. Part ...

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5 Reasons Brands Need to Embrace Conversational E-Commerce


In today’s fast-paced, competitive e-commerce environment, the ability to engage customers and deliver stellar experiences makes a big difference. One area gaining steam among brands is conversational e-commerce. Simply put, conversational e-commerce is all about discussing and carrying out transactions via messaging tools like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, often with the use of chatbots. Let’s look at five reasons brands ...

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Your Rights Under the FDCP Act

Control your debt

When debt collectors come calling, you might feel somewhat helpless. If you’re a conscientious person, you might feel you’re at the mercy of the person on the other end of the line. While, it’s admirable to want to live up to your obligations, it’s not OK for them to take advantage of your good nature. To this end, Congress passed ...

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Iron Snout Review – Hogging The Spotlight

Iron Snout

The conflict between pigs and wolves is a long and storied one. Many a brutal and lengthy battle has been fought between these two honorable species, culminating in the great Pig-Wolf Wars of 1825, in which many brave soldiers both canine and swine lost their lives. It seems that no peace treaty or accord will ever be signed between these ...

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The Top 5 Online Safety Tips

Online safety

Online gambling is popular in the fast-paced digital world today. People can play in the comfort of their own homes, offices, or wherever they choose. But online access comes with risks, such as inappropriate content, cyber theft, and online predators. Using gaming apps and websites exposes many online players to these risks. Although many countries have laws to regulate the ...

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