Highly Influential Leaders Without a Higher Education

Influential Leaders

Many people aspire achieve greatness in life. A majority of those people think about all the effort and hard work which is involved to achieve those goals and become overwhelmed to achieve their aspirations. Then there are people who are not intimidated or daunted by the hard work but focus on achieving specific goals. They are not concerned about other ...

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Bitcoin- A Critical Analysis


The vitality of money exchange has always been unquestionable but the liberty certainly has been questioned numerous number of times. Any transaction made with physical currency seems the most secure and most anonymous yet we are well aware of the fact that it is not possible in all the situations. With extensive growth of the internet market and online payment ...

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Shell Shockers: We Love the Smell of Combative Eggs in the Mornings!

Shell shockers

Fried, scrambled, whipped, or simply beaten—there’s no doubt eggs are delicious. But have you ever thought about arming one with a heavy machine gun and stepping into a virtual world of other combative chicken apples? This game introduces you to the ranks of Free Rangers, Scramblers, and Soldiers, each armed with a different weapon to decimate their fellow eggs. Pick ...

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How to Start an Interactive Community Website for Your Church

Chruch website

The best way to get your church attendees to get familiar with your community website is to simply require them to use it. If there are upcoming church events, tell the attendees to register for it on the website. If you want to provide resources, tell everyone that it can be found on the website. Once you start to integrate ...

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Ubersuggest Review: A Free Keyword Suggestion Tool By Neil Patel


Ubersuggest is an SEO and PPC keyword research tool based on the Google Keyword Planner’s principles, and it automatically appends the keywords provided with the searched keywords. SEO is highly recommended for ranking your website in search engines. SEO can give a significant boost to your audience and traffic as well as your business sales. Your business will experience great ...

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3 Ways to Boost Your Business

Boost your business

Nobody starts a business with the intention of failure, but the statistics show that failure rates for startups in 2017 were as high as 90%, and so you should never assume that you are going to be in the 10% that survive. You are going to have to fight for your survival and continuously be on the lookout for ways ...

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5 Digital Music Players that Aren’t an iPod

Sony Walkman

Once the iPod towered over the Earth, Lord of all it surveyed, the undisputed king of digital music. Then came the smartphone. It was everywhere and could store and play music, as well as dozens of other functions. And the iPod faded away. But the smartphone is a Swiss Army Knife of a tool. It can do absolutely everything, but ...

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4 PPC Myths that need to be Debunked for good

Inbound marketing

There’s no doubt that the paid search landscape has changed significantly over the last few years. It’s gone from what was a simple auction format, to one that incorporates all types of other factors. It’s for this reason that a lot of myths about the subject have developed. Some of these are perhaps painting an unfair picture of PPC, and ...

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Audials Music Zoom Visualizes All the Music


The music universe Audials Music Zoom is a freeware for Windows PCs that visualizes music from 3,000,000 artists. The meta search engine shows all artists on one global music map, based on similarity and enables you to listen to all songs and entire discographies of all singers from streaming portals like YouTube, Soundcloud, Veoh, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Musicians’ names and ...

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5 Ways Technology is Transforming Small Businesses

Business technology

Advancements in technology have influenced the way entrepreneurs and small business managers now handle operations. Over the years, storage of data, for example, has gone from paper files to hard disks and the more recent cloud hosting. These solutions and many others have made it easy for business owners to thrive more and provide more efficient services. A report from ...

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