Necessary Steps to take while Updating WordPress

Steps to take while updating wordpress

WordPress is an Open Source website development platform developed by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Now, a very active community keeps working on adding new features, fixing bugs, improving performance and enhancing existing features to keep up with the changing times. Keeping your WordPress updated ensures that apart from the other benefits, you safeguard your site from the following two ...

Read More » Zero Zombies but Plenty of Relentless Bloodshed

Zombs Royale game

There’s an element of fun that comes from relentless bloodshed—when it’s in a video game, of course. And there’s an element of accomplishment that comes from seeing your username climb to the tip-top of a high score leadership board after you’ve slaughtered hundreds of unknown opponents in a 2D world of mayhem and massacres. That said, your first impression of ...

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Robotics Make Manufacturing Automation Easy


Fully automated manufacturing and industrial processes are some of the key challenges that most businesses are facing in order to get the most out of their products. With technology advancing so fast, there is need to be flexible and be on the same levels or even higher up than other manufacturing companies. With the use of robots and robotic arms, ...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Tankless Water Heater

Electric water heater

If you are planning to install an electric tankless water heater, it is wise to do it as soon as you can. This is one of the best ways to save money on electricity bills. With an electric tankless water heater, you save some money at the end of the month. The best thing is that you will still enjoy ...

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Virtual Private Network- Scope and Security Issues

VPN security

Gaining access to internet connections in remote areas is difficult under restrictive conditions. But remote access is quite common these days and the ease with which accessibility has increased, it has given boost to flexibility in users on file access. The internal private networks are insecure and are being accessed from various places like homes, airports and from access points ...

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Top 5 Best Wireless Routers

Wireless router

Today, in this digital era, life without Wi-Fi is very difficult to think about. The Internet has become a necessary part in our lives, be it your professional life where almost all your work is done on the internet or your personal life, where you send messages and pictures and are able to maintain contact with your loved ones. For ...

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Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac Review

Movavi screen recorder

Recording video footage from your Mac’s screen is a great way to create video guides, app demonstrations, and other content. However it also has a lot of other general uses as it will allow you to save anything that is on your screen, including video calls, online streaming videos, and so on. Of course if you want to do any ...

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The Youtuber, a New Breed of Influencer


If you’ve set out on a campaign, whether it’s one for fundraising or one for profit, you’re going to need all the tools that you can get at your disposal to help you with your goals. Influencer marketing is one example of these tools that could spell success for your campaign. An influencer is defined as “someone who has the ...

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Tricks to Make Electrical Installations at Home

House wiring

Have you ever had a socket blown and have you known what to do? Does the world fall on you when you have to replace a halogen or when you break the cable of an electrical appliance such as the washing machine or the refrigerator? If these situations happen to you or you fear that similar ones happen to you, ...

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How Technology is Changing Disaster Relief

Digital world

Disaster management and relief is a very important area of research for scientist around the world. With changing climatic conditions in various part of the world, the world has become more vulnerable to disasters now. Both natural disasters and human made disasters pose a grave threat to entire humanity and to avoid casualties various steps are being taken by the ...

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