Develop and Implement Automated Test Scripts for Mobile Apps

Test automation is helpful in many ways, and maximizing the testing strategy’s return on investment necessitates following automated testing best practices. Automation testing is a technique whereby a software application is subjected to a series of automated tests, with the results being compared to predefined expectations and test reports being generated.

What is a Test Script?

A test script is a detailed, line-by-line description of the system operations that must be carried out to ensure the integrity of the software or hardware being tested. Various devices are tested methodically with this automation script for software testers. The test script should detail the expected outcomes of each step. The predicted results and the actual entries to be executed must both be included in the test script.

Test Cases vs. Test Scripts

Test cases are detailed instructions that guide the program being tested on what to do. Simple English is used. The “Test Script” for software is a detailed guide for ensuring its features work (test case). Programming languages like Visual Basic Script, Python, and Java are used to create test scripts. A test case is a set of written guidelines for verifying the operation of a particular feature within an application. A test script is a computer program that uses test data to verify that an application continues to perform as expected under various conditions. Test scenarios provide a framework for creating test cases. A test case is a template for creating test programs.

How to write test scripts?

There are two primary approaches to writing a test script:


Instead of just recording the user’s activities, the tester can play them back using a record/playback approach. The tester will need coding skills to address issues and fine-tune the automation’s performance. Its primary application is in low-level languages like VBScript.

Keyword/data-driven scripting:

The roles of testers and developers are delineated from one another using keyword/data-driven scripting. The tester uses keywords and does not need to understand the underlying code to define a test with data-driven scripting. The developers’ responsibility here is to implement the test script code for the keywords and maintain it. As a result, the technique relieves the tester of any system-related concerns. But, if you want to automate the testing of new features, you must devote a lot of time and money to develop.

When is it Appropriate to Utilize a Test Script?

There are certain benefits unique to the test script method. There will be much less margin for mistakes in the testing phase. When given more freedom to explore the product independently, testers may need to pay attention to bugs or incorrectly think a function produces the desired outcome. The most reliable method for ensuring that nothing is missed and that the results are as the publisher wants them to be is to use test scripts.

A test script method is a good option if the order in which a user’s actions must be taken is crucial or unusual. If the user’s activities are intended to be highly controlled, then the user experience should be more guided and less freeform.

Writing Code Using the Programming Language:

Coding in the Language

If you prefer creating a test script, you can use record/playback to construct a basic script. As a tester, you will eventually need to move beyond record/playback and into basic scripting. Even if your app is developed in Java, you can choose any language you like for development. But it doesn’t imply you have to learn Java only to build your test scripts. Choose a simpler language like JavaScript or Ruby to create the test scripts.

Maintaining a steady pace during automated mobile app testing relies on double-checking that each step in the test script is unambiguous, well-organized, and complete. An ideal test script would include the following qualities:

A lack of clarity in the test script will force testers to halt their work and often seek the project manager for clarification, reducing efficiency.


The test script needs to include only one action per step. This method guarantees that every feature and interaction will be thoroughly tested and that everything on the user path will be noticed.


Script authors should put themselves in the shoes of the target user when deciding which scenarios to test. They must think beyond the box to foresee how consumers interact with the system.

How to Run a Test Case?

GUI-Based Test Framework

Selecting the test from a list and clicking a button to start it is typical of graphical user interface (GUI) test frameworks like HP Quick Test Professional.

Code-based Testing Framework

A code-based testing system, such as Selenium, requires you to access the test script’s source code in an integrated development environment (IDE), compile it, and then run it. The code, when run, will trigger the test framework components that will launch the interface being tested and carry out the specified tests.

Continuous integration environment

In a continuous integration setting, for instance, your developers may execute automated test scripts as part of the build process if they use a platform like Jenkins or TeamCity to perform such tasks. A set of automated tests for the UI will be executed each time a new version of the program is made, with the results being published in the standard place for such things. The build process often only executes lightweight tests like unit tests, whereas “heavier” and more time-consuming user interface test scripts are usually executed seldom or in exceptional circumstances.


Automation Testing is no longer a primary concern when a good testing strategy and proper automation testing tools are used, such as HeadSpin. Running automated test cases and keeping track of test results is not tedious. Its AI-testing feature gives you advanced insights to debug your app faster.

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