Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout


Finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym or to begin an at-home workout is not easy. Even though we’re surrounded and continuously bombarded by a culture of looking fit and skinny, saying you’ll work out and doing it are two very different things. Most of winning the battle to get fit is merely showing up, whether at the ...

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The Golf Swing In Two Moves

Golf swing

Most golf players especially beginners tend to put too much focus on their posture, their position, or even the wind speed when they should be working on improving their swing. After all your swing is what really makes a difference in your whole game. If you can get that swing just right, then your progress will be speedy and smooth. ...

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12 Crafts You Should Consider Trying with Your Kids

bird feeder

Making crafts allows you to explore creativity, express personality and de-stress. Studies show that children who study art are four times more likely to achieve academic awards. So, start crafting with your kids, and help them learn new skills. Paper Bag Kites Decorate a paper lunch bag with markers and stickers. Attach streamers to the mouth of the bag with ...

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How far are we to Bitcoin Mass Adoption?


Bitcoin and the world When bitcoin was first created in 2009 by Satosohi Nakamoto, it was virtually unknown to anyone that wasn’t into cryptography or financial technology. Coming from the design paper, bitcoin was promised to be a revolutionary tool that could help us find a decentralized form of currency. People were confused by this so-called “cryptocurrency” and not sure ...

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Is Tech Making Us Less Human?

Business technology

The communication technology we have today was impossible to imagine just a decade or two ago yet there’s a growing sense of disconnection. As people become more and more dependent on technology in every aspect of life, we can’t help but wonder – do people really connect in this day and age? Here’s how technology affects and changes us as ...

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Old Technologies That Are Still Very Reliable (and in Use) Today

Old technology

Technology is advancing in such a fast pace that new gadgets and more capable devices are being launched frequently. This is something that was predicted back in the 1970s, when Moore’s Law was first introduced. The law predicted that the processing power of computers will double every two years; that’s very much true. Royalty Free Photo While we’re getting better ...

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How does the Tesla owner avoid parking ticket by using Summon!

Parking ticket

Tesla vehicles accompany a “Summon” ability that enables clients to have their car autonomously pull up to them in a parking area. Be that as it may, Tesla-owner D. Shawn Kennedy has made sense of an inconceivably sharp approach to repurpose the element to significantly lazier finishes: helping him evade parking tickets. We’re awed, and, to be perfectly honest, even ...

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How To SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung galaxy

You are here because you want to know how to sim unlock Samsung Galaxy S9+. In the US and many countries in the EU, mobile phones are not sold by the manufacturers alone. The mobile network providers or carriers sell the handsets to the buyers. So, the buyers opt for contracts offered by carriers like T mobile, Verizon wireless, AT ...

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Travel To China For The Chinese New Year this Winter

chinese new year

Are you traveling to China this winter for the Chinese New Year celebrations? It is a special occasion where you can see the fireworks, cool trade show booths and enjoy the luscious local cuisine. Below I will talk discuss a few facts about this event. Chinese New Year is also Called the Spring Festival The festival is also known as ...

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The Task of Finding the Best Dealership

car dealership

When the time comes for you to add a new car to the household, you need to locate a dealership that you feel you can always trust, rely on, and be comfortable giving your business to. This long-term relationship is especially important for those who will have servicing to the car done at the same dealership they purchased it from. ...

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