Bullet Force Multiplayer Review – Golden Gun

Multiplayer game

We have a lot of respect for the indie game development process. Setting out to create a game by oneself, or with the help of a small yet dedicated team, can’t be easy, especially as the standards set by indie games continue to skyrocket. Many indie productions are respectable offerings which understand their limitations and work within them, creating (for ...

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The 5 Guiding Principles for Reliability Culture Implementation

Organisation success

In asset management and across hundreds of industries, reliability culture is becoming more important. While your standards for reliability culture may vary, depending on your type of facility, size, and other factors, the philosophy always has a few common traits. Namely, reliability culture focuses on keeping your facility as safe as possible, and ensuring a consistently productive performance from your ...

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Build Leads Now To Sell The Latest Cars This Fall

Sell car

Everyone knows that Labor Day is one of the best times to buy a car. The last holiday weekend of the summer is a time when car dealerships are scrambling to move old models to make room for the new ones, and that means steep discounts. Car-buyers on a budget may be harder to dissuade, but as a car salesperson, ...

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How Automation Is Re-Drawing The Manufacturing Map

Manufacturing Map

One of the biggest stories in manufacturing over the past decade has been the slow but steady reversal of the global outsourcing that characterized the last decades of the 20th century. Despite the narrative (common across a range of political ideologies) that manufacturing in North America has been gutted, the truth is that the United States is currently at peak ...

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Future Trends in Wi-Fi technology

Wifi technology

Wi-Fi has been growing at a tremendous rate in current times. It has become a necessity for majority of the households and the need is not going anywhere soon. In fact, our dependency is increasing more and more as the time progresses. Consumer expectations are soaring as well with more of them looking forward to better speed, higher reliability and ...

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Identifying and Addressing Financial Abuse of an Elderly Loved One

Money demand

Whether you’ve encountered it firsthand or not, abuse is disturbingly common in the U.S. today. Child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault grab most of the headlines, but those aren’t the only kinds of abuse that occur. Elderly individuals are a highly vulnerable yet silent demographic that are also used and abused. And unbeknownst to much of the population, financial ...

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How to Make a Classic Car Show Fun for Everyone

Car brakes

When planned and executed correctly, a classic car show can be an awe inspiring event. The gleaming one of a kind vehicles on display are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the show can offer participants and visitors alike. Classic cars come with a lot of history attached to them and behind each of the ...

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10 Cheap Hacks To Improve Your Car

Car wheel

Although it may seem like it, enhancing your car doesn’t have to be complex or cost a fortune. It depends on the type and intensity of the enhancements you want to make, but there are a few steps you can take to improve your vehicle’s performance. Most of these ways are easy to implement and cost close to nothing; 1. ...

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Tips For Shipping Electronics And Technology

How to ship electronics

Shipping electronics comes with special considerations. Not only do you not want these expensive items to be jostled too much or to experience any damage, but radiation-emitting devices and those known as ‘dual-use goods’ are monitored and highly scrutinized if they are being sent across the border. If you’re a consumer, business, or you’re sending IT equipment or other technology ...

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Factors that Affect the Success of an Application on the Phone

Phone apps

There is an application for every purpose. The moment you have any work on your phone, you just need to look for the correct application and your work is done within a second. This is why it comes as no surprise that there may be a lot of you out there who are so highly interested in making their own ...

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