What Do Customers Really Want from Retailers?


It’s an age-old question: What do your customers really want? If you want your organization to get a slice of the $5 trillion in total retail sales that will happen in the U.S. this year, you need to find some answers. The solution will be different for every business and industry. At the same time, there are certain things that ...

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Why Migration to Cloud is the Best Modernization Move for Businesses

Cloud computing

Technology has always been an organizational enabler, and cloud computing is one of the key technologies that are transforming enterprises. Migration of on-premise business applications to cloud infrastructure is considered as a key trend that will be influencing the existing enterprise IT landscape. Something which can be noticed in the YOY growth clocked by cloud computing service providers. Workforce globalization, ...

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Your Very Own Accessibility Testing Checklist

Website testing checks

Accessibility is an essential aspect for both developers and organisations who intend to create high-quality websites and web tools. Web accessibility testing optimizes a website for the usage by differently-abled people. It also highlights the accessibility problems that a differently-abled user might face. With the ease of availability of information, a web portal is likely to be marketable to a ...

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Modern v ‘Old Skl’ Footballers


It’s a debate that continues to rage fiercely throughout the football world with neither side willing to back down. The question of whether past greats of the game would be able to hold their own and be as successful in the modern era is a contentious and divisive one. Despite the divisions however, one thing that the majority on both ...

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How to Impress: A Guide Every Man Needs

Good looking men

Every man needs to make a good impression at some point in their lives, whether they’re interviewing for their dream job, meeting their partner’s family or attending an up-market event. Even if you don’t normally enjoy wearing a suit and tie, and like to dress for comfort, you’ll have to put your preferences aside and make sure you’re excelling at ...

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More Than Just Toys: How Drones Will Change Everything About Industry

Drone cameras

Drones are appearing everywhere, and there seems no limit to the number of different industries they’re changing. Drones are small, fast and nimble. They can fly lower to the ground than manned aircraft, they’re highly maneuverable as well as relatively quiet, and they’re integrating with the human-scale world in ways that manned flying vehicles never could. Cutting-edge cameras and sensors ...

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Crossy Road: The Fun Game that Tests Your Skills and Reflexes

Crossy road

Have you ever wondered, seriously, about the joke that asks why the chicken crossed the road? Who made it up? Was there actually a chicken? Because if there wasn’t a chicken then, there is now. Crossy Road is all about that chicken and her obvious curiosity about what lies on the other side of the road. Well, in this game’s ...

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Taking Control of Your Debt in 5 Important Steps

Control your debt

Whether your debt is from credit cards, an auto loan, student loans, or a mortgage, you’re not alone. Debt is rampant these days as consumers have more options, buying routes and obligations than they can responsibly handle. Overall student loan debt reached 1.3 trillion dollars at the end of 2016, made up of 44.2 million borrowers. Of course, the $905 ...

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Reasons Why Writing is a Great Self-Development Tool

Writing skill

Self-development is a way that people assess their skills and qualities, aims, and goals to realize their full potential. Even though family and school experiences help shape early life developments, self-development does not stop in later stages of life. It’s a constant process. Writing can help one identify the skills needed to set life goals and boost confidence that leads ...

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5 Instagram Ad Rules for Every Startup


If there is a social media platform that is gaining immense popularity apart from Facebook, it has to be Instagram. Businesses that use it for marketing are expected to grow to more than a 70 percent in this coming year, with currently about 600 million users, on a monthly basis. So, this maybe a good platform for new business, small ...

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