The reality behind virtual reality

Mobile Phone

Let’s go back ten years. The need to know about the world and to connect with everyone was strong, and hence came the cell phones. But human being is selfish and also never satisfied. Our minds kept wandering, trying to find a way to live in an alternate reality and hence came the virtual reality devices. For the first time ...

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The Technology That Has Completely Changed Dating

dating with technology

Over the years, the way people get together and mingle has changed substantially. In the past, people frequently met up in a public location for the first time. Today, it is almost certain that you’ll meet the love of your life through the Internet. The Internet offers plenty of options for people that are interested in finding a date. Whether ...

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Most Popular Video Games of 2017

Video games

There are many potential candidates for the most popular video games of 2017. Video games in general are really popular today. There can be a lot of popular video games in one given year. Many people enjoy the games that have already become part of a series. These games are going to have a strong following already. A good portion ...

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How to Make the most out of your Card Gaming Skills & Earn Cash

card gaming skills

Rummy is a name familiar to all the card-enthusiasts in India. Being an India-centric game, it has helped the gaming industry to reach new heights. The love for the game is evident from the fact that Rummy has evolved from being a traditional card game to be the most played online card game in the country. By offering a safe ...

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Reviewed: Life – The Game

life the game

Life – The Game is the brainchild of an independent team of designers and developers. The game can be played online although there is a downloadable option available as well. The game can be supported by Windows, macOS, Linux, and HTML5 platforms. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the game: The Basis of the Game The ...

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How Cloud Computing is Helping Companies in Staying Green

companies in staying green

Cloud computing has the power to save any sized or aged business and making it stay green and flourish more. It also aids in saving money and also helps businesses in streamlining operations without it having to build an IT infrastructure. When so much of this burden is taken off the shoulders from any business owner, they are able to ...

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Essentials for Every Vehicle

car tyre

Whether you’re contemplating buying a brand-new vehicle, or one that’s had one (or more) previous owners, there are certain features and essentials that you’re going to need, to ensure you and your passengers are safe when traveling from A to B. Here are just a few considerations to keep in mind as you’re car shopping: Insurance The right insurance policy ...

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Rebuilding a Classic? How 3D can help

3D printing

3D printing is revolutionizing the rebuilding process Rebuilding any car is a task, but a classic car is a particularly hard challenge for many. Apart from the time and the preparation (because let us face it most of the classic cars have chassis which are rusted, wiring which needs to be pulled, and seating which is unusable), is the issue ...

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

data recovery wizard

The world today is powered by computers. Databases, inventories, online shopping, e-currency, etc. make computers indispensable for online businesses and traditional businesses alike. Apart from the business and commercial sector, computers rule supreme even in our personal lives. Be it for entertainment purposes, educational purposes or any other purpose. With the amount of personal data loaded into these computers, it ...

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Buy Instagram Followers and See your Business Expand

instagram followers

When you have a started a business, you would obviously want it to grow large, right? But, you have budget constraints and you are unable to promote your business in a large scale. What would you do now? Promoting a business with minimum cost is not a witch hunt. There are enough opportunities around you that can help promote your ...

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