Crossy Road: The Fun Game that Tests Your Skills and Reflexes

Crossy road

Have you ever wondered, seriously, about the joke that asks why the chicken crossed the road? Who made it up? Was there actually a chicken? Because if there wasn’t a chicken then, there is now. Crossy Road is all about that chicken and her obvious curiosity about what lies on the other side of the road. Well, in this game’s ...

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A Look at Women in the World of Technology


Companies around the world are working hard nowadays to achieve gender balance and speed up cultural shift that was earlier male dominated. A woman working in technology related jobs was very rare in previous times. But things are changing now. Women are not just working as employees in technology forms but are also running many of them as the head ...

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Taking Control of Your Debt in 5 Important Steps

Control your debt

Whether your debt is from credit cards, an auto loan, student loans, or a mortgage, you’re not alone. Debt is rampant these days as consumers have more options, buying routes and obligations than they can responsibly handle. Overall student loan debt reached 1.3 trillion dollars at the end of 2016, made up of 44.2 million borrowers. Of course, the $905 ...

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Reasons Why Writing is a Great Self-Development Tool

Writing skill

Self-development is a way that people assess their skills and qualities, aims, and goals to realize their full potential. Even though family and school experiences help shape early life developments, self-development does not stop in later stages of life. It’s a constant process. Writing can help one identify the skills needed to set life goals and boost confidence that leads ...

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5 Instagram Ad Rules for Every Startup


If there is a social media platform that is gaining immense popularity apart from Facebook, it has to be Instagram. Businesses that use it for marketing are expected to grow to more than a 70 percent in this coming year, with currently about 600 million users, on a monthly basis. So, this maybe a good platform for new business, small ...

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What Specs to Sacrifice and What Not to When Buying a Budget Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptop

Gaming laptops have been getting better and better over the years, some gamers are now even considering switching to laptops, instead of relying on desktops. With the specs improving for gaming laptops, the prices overall have come down. Of course, the best-known gaming rigs still cost well over $2,000. But cheaper laptops with gaming specializations are commonly available also. What ...

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4 Memorable Ways To Surprise Your Partner

Gift for partner

Thanks to social media, surprises are known for being an essential part of a unique marriage proposal. However, you don’t have to be ready to propose in order to surprise your partner. Surprises are a wonderful way to let your partner know how much you love them – and how much you’re paying attention to the details. The enjoyment of ...

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Biggest Mistakes People Make When Transferring a Website

Website migration

There are many compelling reasons one would want to transfer a website to a new host. You can save money, decrease load times, and improve your search engine rankings by finding a better host if your site’s traffic is currently lacking. There are a few common mistakes website owners make when transferring a site, however, they can all be avoided ...

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Ways to Continue Learning without Going Back to School

e-learning program

Thanks to advancing technology and the rising popularity of sharing information, non-traditional forms of education are becoming the norm these days. Inclusion is in, and it includes not excluding anyone from learning. As you go about the continual learning process that is life, tap into the various educational platforms available at your fingertips. Here are just a few ways in ...

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If You Aspire to be a Great Leader, be Present

Great leader

Leadership is an important trait required amongst individual these days. As the world is changing, the type of skill set required today for being employable has also changed. Leadership is one of the most important aspects of it. But leadership does not come easily to everyone. In fact being a great leader requires one to be a great team worker ...

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