What is Homeworkify

A tool which supports students in their educational journey. A platform where you can find answers to all your questions by putting a query. It offers step by step solutions to help students understand in a much easier way. Basically, it can find a way out for your complex situations.

This is an AI-powered tool, which is available for free, but premium plans are also available and offers available features such as ad-free experience, unlimited questions, and advanced statistics.

You can get help from home workify in Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Standardized Tests, Humanities, business studies.

  • Mathematics: It covers everything from elementary arithmetic to advanced calculus. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics. It will assist you in comprehending difficult mathematical ideas and effectively resolving issues. 
  • Sciences: Students are able to navigate the complexity of scientific disciplines with the assistance of Home Workify, including biology, chemistry and physics. 
  • Engineering:  Homeworkify offers materials in a variety of engineering disciplines, including computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering
  • Business Studies: Homeworkify provides you with all the business related classes because it covers topics such as accounting, economics, finance and operations management. 
  • Humanities: Subjects such as psychology, political science, and history. It offers responses and explanations to queries concerning historical occurrences, political views, and psychological notions.
  • Language: Students who are seeking to improve their language skills, such as English grammar, easy writing and reading comprehension, Homeworkify provides in-depth knowledge and explanations.
  • Standardized test: Students studying for SAT, GRE and GMAT can get help from Home Workify. They can do test series designed by Homeworkify to check their performance . 

Features Of Homeworkify:

  1. Simple to use: It is very easy to handle. Just type in your question and you will get the answer. It’s like having a personal alexa for your homework.   
  2. Supports a wide variety of subjects: It can help you with everything and anything. From algebra to zoology, it will assist you on your command.
  3. Use friendly interface: It is designed in a very simple and intuitive way, making it easy for everyone to use.
  4. Offers Comprehensive study materials: Historical facts, scientific concepts and math magic they have got everything covered. It can even help you with ppts and video tutorials. 


  1. Reduced Communication skills: Overusing Homeworkify can reduce your communication skills. It makes you more dependent on easy answers also.
  2. Lack of explanation: It may not help you with proper explanation , which might affect your answers and understanding.
  3. Accuracy: It may not be as accurate as your textbook answers, because they dont have 100% correct knowledge on every topic you search for.
  4. Double check the answers with reliable source before accepting.
  5. Try to focus on learning and understanding rather than copying . 

How Homeworkify works?

  • Go to Homeworkify.eu
  • In the search bar, enter your question 
  • Click on the search button, you will get your answer. 

Top 10 Homeworkify competitor:

  1. Chegg: An online platform that provides solutions to your questions. It also provides A-powered tools for writing assistance, a job and internship search portal and exam preparation.
  2. Brainly: Learners can connect and support each other and can take help in understand and solving questions. The answers are monitored by teachers and other subject experts for that concern.
  3. Khan Academy: It is a not for profit online learning platform. You can access study materials, educational videos on history, science, math, etc.
  4. Crazy for study: They help you ease your work by helping you with homework solutions, textbook questions/answers. 
  5. Studypool: They not only help you in completing your homework but also with online tutoring, book guides and scholarships etc. 
  6. Quizlet:Learners can use the tools to convert their notes into personalized flashcards, practice tests and quizzes. 
  7. Quiz PlusThey can help you with study material based on your course designed by your university. They also have the capabilities to look for answers in scanned paper documents, PDF files and images.
  8. Academic Help: You can ask in-house experts to solve your problems.
  9. Symbolab: They can help you calculate for fractions, log equations, partial derivatives, complex numbers etc.
  10.  Course Hero: They have study material available from colleges across US, UK and Europe such as Harvard university, Cambridge University, etc

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With all that, we are putting an end to the Homeworkify guide and taking the opportunity to learn everything with ease. We hope that this guide can serve as the best help in this journey so no more time wasting to find what you really learn.


Q: Is Home workify real?

While it claims to be legal, the legitimacy and reliability of the content provided remain questionable.

Q: Is using Homeworkify cheating?

Copying answers directly without understanding the concepts could be considered cheating. However, using it as a starting point for your own understanding and further research is generally acceptable.

Q: Are there any risks associated with using Homeworkify?

The potential drawbacks mentioned above, such as inaccurate information or hindering learning, are essential considerations.

Q: Can I Use Homeworkify Across Different Devices?

Yes, Homeworkify is designed to be accessible across a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. This ensures that you can seamlessly integrate it into your study routine, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Q: How much does Homeworkify cost?

The basic plan is free to use with limited features, however the premium version cost is $9.99.

Q: What is Homeworkify’s main function?

Homeworkify is an AI-powered online homework assistant that provides step by step solutions and detailed explanations.

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