Mining Automation Cutting Costs Both on the Ground and in the Air with Industrial Drones

Drone mining

Automation might be the buzzword in many industries, but pardon the mining industry if this craze doesn’t register as particularly novel. After all, while organizations around the world were going wild over these new-fangled computers in the 1980s, the mining industry was attempting to automate surface mining equipment weighing in the hundreds of tons. Those three-plus decades of dedication to ...

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Getting the Best Out Of A Proper Water Tank Level Switch

Storing water in case of a water shortage is important. You also want proper pump and water level management, to avert any water waste from overflowing tanks. Proper management also ensures your tank’s water level is always appropriate. Accomplish this with a water tank switch. Choosing a Wiring Model Begin by considering available wiring models for a water tank float switch: Single float switch Two ...

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4 Types of Robots Used in Industrial Manufacturing

As demand for different products grows, companies turn to advanced technology to help keep up with demand. A good example of this is their increased dependence on industrial robots and on the automation of the manufacturing process. Since robots tend to function accurately and are and capable of working longer than human workers, production is increased and the overall build ...

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Fun Facts About Welding That You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many different job opportunities in the field of welding and each one incorporates technology and manufacturing. There are also many levels of welding certification, with varying focuses and concentrations. It’s an ancient skill and one of the few remaining hands-on careers for men and women who appreciate the art of welding. The Old – and New – Technology ...

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Robots – Friend or Foe

Popular culture is littered with examples of where robots have taken over the world and have left humans at their mercy. Movies such as Terminator and Matrix show potential consequences of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. At present, many jobs such as factory assembly are being automated with investments in robotics. Even office jobs involving data entry and analysis ...

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The Ebola-Killing Robot: Now in Use by US Hospitals

Xenex uses a super powered UV light to kill any harmful little beings trying to dig their way into your body. While the bot isn't guaranteed to kill every last germ hiding in every little corner, it does do a pretty good job of disinfecting a hospital room.

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Gymnast Bot Wows Time And Time Again!


If you're looking for something to keep you entertained on YouTube (as if you have to look all that hard) check out gymnast bot. Aside from sticking every landing, gymnast bot has all the moves and they just keep on coming. Once you watch this bot in action you'll want to check out every video ever made of gymnast what are you waiting for?

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Wall-E Is Real!


Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney / Pixar character would be like if they were real? Well, if your favorite character is Wall-E then you don't have to wonder anymore!

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