The 10 Best Free AI Essay Generators 2024: How Much to Pay and What Pros & Cons to Consider

Read the article to learn everything you need about the top 10 best AI essay generators in 2024 that have free features and advanced services for an extra charge. Choose the one you like best and create stunning essays to meet college requirements.

The world faces progress in all life areas daily, including custom writing services. Today, students sometimes do not even have to pay for essay samples if choosing the best free AI writing generator. It generates the required sample in a couple of seconds. So, students can use it to learn how to write essays and enhance their quality of writing.

Pros and Cons of Free AI Software Worth Your Attention

The Internet is full of AI offers. Students must be ready to select the best one to get a worthy sample without mistakes and misinformation. This table contains details about the top ten writing tools, including their pricing, pros, cons, and free offers.

AI toolIt is good atFree offers availabilityThings to enjoy for freePriceCons
AI Essay Writer by CustomWritingPerfect AI-derived, well-formatted templatesfree servicesall features are freenonelimited size, number of used sources, and formats
Essayservice.aiRapid essay creationfree demo250-500 word essay without a chance to download it$7.99/month or $63.99/yeara bit expensive; no chance to test the best features for free
WriteBot.aiRelevant content generationnonenone$39/month or $69/monthno demo; expensive; no online support
EssayGenius.aiNLP for 100% accurate contentfree demoone essay that requires a subscription + showcase with samples$14.99/month or $12/month for a yearly subscriptionhard to test all features because of a limited free demo
PerfectEssayWriter.aiParaphrasing and clear writingfree demoparaphrase is free + a pre-version of a short essay$9.99/month $29.99/month $99.99/yearhard to test all features because of a limited free demo
ContentCraft.aiContent changing to meet educational goalsno datano datano datapoor quality control
MyEssayWriter.aiAdjustment to a writer’s stylefree demoa short essay without a chance to download it$9.99/month $14.99/month $99.99/yearlimited free demo without a chance to test all features
Neuraltext.comBlog writingfree use for content writing5-day testing costs at least $1 for content automatizing; plenty of free tools for writing$19.99/month $49/month $119/monthbetter suits article writing; does not provide full-length essays
EduAssist.aiWEll-structured and formatted essay samplesno datano datano datalimited scope
Copy.aiSpontaneous automationfree demo2000 words + 200 bonus credits$49/month 249/month $1333/month $4000/monthbetter suits blog and social media writing

AI essay writer by CustomWriting

Unlike a bulk of other AI tools, this one is a 100% free AI text generator for students and educators who need to meet certain academic requirements without wasting time, effort, and money.


Even though some features are limited, the tool offers cool free AI tools to create stunning content for essays and research papers.

Pros & Cons

This free AI writing generator has its advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Speaking about positive features, one can:

  • use free AI tools such as an AI detector, an essay generator, a plagiarism checker, a thesis statement generator, and a reference finder;
  • enjoy a user-friendly tool to generate the required essay type in the needed discipline and topic;
  • adjust the essay to one’s voice and writing style thanks to a description field;
  • get up to 4 pages of unique content to use in research;
  • it is integrated with Google Docs;
  • generate an academic paper in the required formatting style.

Regarding its negative features, we should mention the following aspects:

  • it generates texts only in DOCX;
  • it cites only up to 4 sources per essay;
  • you can format your paper only in APA or MLA style.

It is a great AI-powered tool to create essays of different types to meet even the most challenging academic requirements.


Its free demo version does not let you test all its features and download the generated content. So, you need to register and choose one of the two plans:

  • Standard for $7.99/month (50% discount) or $14.99 to get 2500 words
  • Premium for $63.99/year with a discount or $179.99 without it for unlimited word count and access to all AI tools.

Pros & Cons

The benefits of the tool include the following aspects:

  • fast and top-level content generator
  • personalized content creation
  • round-the-clock support
  • a variety of AI tools for stunning content creation

The disadvantages of the tool are the following:

  • no chance to test all features for no cost
  • premium features are expensive if purchased without a discount

This content creation AI demands registration from a customer to provide its services. Its interface is as easy as ABC, so users need little time to learn how to generate a good-level essay.


The tool does not offer a free trial version to an average visitor. One should purchase its monthly or yearly plan to check its assistance. There are two of them:

  • $39/month or $420/year for 25K words
  • $69/month or $749/year for 50K words

Pros & Cons

Even though this tool is quite promising, it prevails in disadvantages. However, let’s start with its positive features, which are:

  • user-oriented services to adapt to students’ writing styles or brand voice
  • its essays often look human-created
  • essays contain worthy content and deep research

The negative side of the tool consists of the following disadvantages:

  • it is a bit expensive
  •  the website lacks trustability because there is no information about its contacts, and the About Us section
  • it takes a person time to learn how to get the needed service
  • it does not have a free demo

At first sight, it looks like a free AI content generator; however, it offers only one essay as a demo version and requires a subscription to continue using its services.


The tool has free samples in the Showcase section and offers one essay as a trial check. To enjoy the quality of the generated texts, you should choose one of the following plans:

  • $14.99/month for 1K generations
  • $12/month for a yearly subscription for a limitless word count

Pros & Cons

The tool has the following advantages to benefit from:

  • well-researched content
  • exact and accurate performance of the provided command
  • high quality to meet academic requirements
  • intuitive essay generation and content enhancement

Disadvantages of this tool might be the following:

  • many users complain about difficulties connected with payments
  • advanced features are hard to get because of poor website development and a lack of online support

It is truly the best AI article generator due to the available content checkers and enhancers. No wonder it is called PerfectEssayWriter.


The free demo is very limited. So, to enjoy its advanced features and download long essays, you should log in and pay for the desired features introduced in the following plans:

  • Basic for $9.99/month with a discount or $29.99 for 1500-word essays, advanced features, and ten pages per month
  • Pro for $29.99/month with a discount or $149.95 for the same features as in the Basic plan + unlimited essays and access to all features
  • Advanced for $99.99/year with a discount or $179.88 for the same features as in the Pro plan but for a lower price

Pros & Cons

The tool has pretty many advantages. Among them, you can highlight the following:

  • clear and comprehensible top-level content, citation, and thesis statement generators
  • content humanizer
  • free paraphraser
  • a chance to create a paper imitating the writer’s tone and writing style
  • grammar and AI checkers

Speaking about the disadvantages of the tool, we can mention only one thing:

  • limited free version to test the available features before purchasing a plan

This free AI word generator allows students to alter their texts or generate a new one in any discipline and style. Furthermore, it covers many subjects to produce unique, decent content.


The tool is used to be famous for its top content generation but currently experiencing upgrading. So, the price list for services is temporarily unavailable.


Speaking about its main advantages, we should mention the following:

  • it covers many disciplines and subjects, promising the required versatility
  • the tool adjusts each essay to the needs of a client
  • it has many AI tools to create mindblowing content

Speaking about its disadvantages, we should say that the quality of the derived content is different each time, so the system lacks the required quality control. Besides, it is impossible to test its features because the site is currently unavailable.

If you are looking for an efficient AI essay writer tool, is what you need due to the services it provides.


The free version is limited, so you need to choose one of the given plans to enjoy the best features:

  • Basic for $9.99/month with a discount or $29.99 without it for 1500-word essays, 10 pages, and access to essay and outline generators
  • Pro for $14.99/month with a discount or $74.99 without it for unlimited 1500-word essays and access to all features
  • Advanced for $99.99/year with a discount or $179.88 without it for unlimited 1500-word essays and access to all features

Pros & Cons

This tool has numerous privileges, such as:

  • it generates the content you need
  • it has a variety of required AI tools
  • quick essay generation
  • easy-peasy tool usability
  • customized content creation
  • generation of different types of essays

However, there are some cons to consider:

  • limited free version
  • some content sounds robotic

This AI blog generator free features are great. However, it fits more content writers than essay creation, but it lets people generate the best information for research papers.


Its Free Forever plan offers 2000 words per chat and 200 credits for a single user. If your needs are bigger, you should consider one of the offered plans:

  • Pro for $49/month for five users, 500 workflow credits, and unlimited words in Chat
  • Team for $249/month for 20 users, 3k workflow credits, and unlimited words in Chat
  • Growth for $1333/month for 75 users, 20K workflow credits, and unlimited words in Chat
  • Scale for $4000/month for 200 users, 75K workflow, and unlimited words in Chat

The annual plan purchase provides a 25% discount.

Pros & Cons offers many beneficial features to its users, including:

  • support for over 90 languages
  • 95+ templates at one’s disposal
  • many AI tools and types
  • keeping to brand voice and writing style
  • uniqueness and quality of the generated content

The disadvantages of the are:

  • the free version requires registration
  • the tool is created for social media, blogging, email marketing, and translation rather than for essay writing

This copywriting generator online free is traditionally famous for its perfect blog writing features. Its plans include such components as keyword suggestions and clusters to make blogs SEO-optimized. Nevertheless, you can use several AI generators to create a worthy essay.


A 5-day trial version for blog optimization requires $1. However, you can cancel it and pay for the required services using one of the introduced plans:

  • Starter for $19/month for one person who can generate up to 20k words, optimize or write five articles, and get 2k keyword suggestions
  • Basic for $49/month for one user who can generate up to 20k words, optimize or write 40 articles, get 20k keyword suggestions, and 5k-keyword cluster
  • Pro for $119/month for three users who can generate up to 40k words, optimize and create as many articles as needed, get a cluster of 15k keywords and suggestions for 50k keywords

Essay writing services are free. However, they are not 100% essay oriented. Most students use free generators to create some paragraphs or thesis statements only.

Pros & Cons

Copywriting services include such useful AI tools as:

  • hook generator
  • paragraph generator
  • personal bio generator
  • content ideas generator
  • introduction generator

You do not need to log in to use them. All tools are good and free, but there are several disadvantages, such as:

  • all tools are article-oriented
  • it is impossible to generate a whole essay
  • you cannot set specific requirements and formatting
  • you need to use different tools to generate one logical text that will need editing
  • paid options are better to create a structured and logical paper

It is one of the AI content generation tools that develops services for the best-quality essay and academic paper writing. That is why it used to be popular among students worldwide.


The service is used to be top for academic content writing but currently experiencing upgrading. So, the price list for services is temporarily unavailable.


The tools boasts the following positive features:

  • it perfectly fits academic-purpose writing
  • it covers many disciplines
  • it preserves a writer’s tone and voice

Speaking about its cons, it is impossible to test its features because the site is currently unavailable.


What are AI content generators?

AI content generators are tools that use specific algorithms to search and develop content using the assigned requirements concerning needed structure, voice, volume, format, and other details.

How do free AI content generators compare to paid ones?

As a rule, free AI tools offer limited services that have a minimum of words per day and incompatibility with advanced features like plagiarism and AI detectors. However, some tools offer free services that can cover the basic needs of students, like AI Essay Writing from CustomWritings.

Can AI generators create plagiarism-free content?

Yes. Some tools have integrated plagiarism detectors and even grammar checkers. Due to that, a person gets unique content for his academic and business goals, like blogging or article creation.

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