Introduction to Robot Drive Systems

Robot drive systems can be thought of as the muscular system of a robot. They’re the part of the robot responsible for how it performs tasks, such as lifting or twisting robotic arms. The muscular system in our body keeps us upright and strong, and that’s exactly how the drive system operates as well.  Following this definition, you then understand ...

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GetSafe May Be the First Truly Mobile Home Security System

The most remarkable thing about GetSafe Home Security, a new Bay Area home security startup, may be what it doesn’t include: a control panel. And if you’ve ever had to race through your house to disarm a false alarm, that’s probably a good thing. Instead of using an old-school control panel, GetSafe Home Security is controlled entirely from your smartphone, ...

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Will Governments Adopt Bitcoin?

Not long ago we wrote about the potential of Bitcoin to strengthen the global economy. The foundation of that discussion was the distrust that has developed over time between populations and the forces regulating central economies. The idea is that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because they don’t belong to any individual governments and are not subject to the desires of ...

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The Amazing Advantages of Multi Room Audio Video Systems

Multi room audio video is a reasonably new term that describes some of the technology people use in their homes. Essentially, it means that it provides audio and video systems throughout the entire home. In the past, people would have singular systems all working independently of each other. Thanks to products such as Systemline multi room audio however, people can ...

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Why We’re Witnessing the Resurgence of Sci-Fi Films and TV Series

A revered figure in the Sci-Fi realm, Ridley Scott famously pronounced the death of science-fiction films in 2007. After a spectacular couple of years, perhaps it’s safe to say however a new era of Sci-Fi is set to dawn upon the film industry landscape. Already millions of people are dusting their Chewbacca costumes for the next Star Wars trilogy, with ...

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Xsens MVN Biomech is the Future in 3-D Motion Tracking

The sports world and its athletes are going to be taking training to a whole new level. A new system for tracking body movements and acceleration was released earlier this year. MVN Biomech, is a human motion, measurement system that captures the full range of movement from the smallest twitches to the most dynamic movements the human body can do. ...

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The Future of Electronics in Space Technology

Electronics components used for space applications are subjected to harsh environments such as radiation, intense vibration and extreme temperatures. Radiation can cause deterioration with long term exposure or by a single event upset (SEU). The trend towards smaller integrated circuits has increased the probability of a SEU. However, the narrower oxide gate in these electronic parts reduces the number of ...

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What is Agile Development?

It might be best to start by explaining what was happening before Agile Development became the latest IT development methodology. Traditionally, software development has been a systematic, orderly four step process, starting with analysing what is required to complete the task, designing the software, coding, and finally testing. This is called the Waterfall method. This strategy has its own set ...

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space adventure

We don’t know yet what – if any – currency card will be used in space, however we are now living in a time where the dream of space tourism is tantalisingly close to fulfilment. It will happen in many of our lifetimes, although there are a couple of limitations to bear in mind. One is timescale – the first ...

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