Future Tech Demoed in 2024

I just love waking up to an interesting article. And just this morning, I was reading about AI tools that can create new medication in a crazy short time. I’m talking about proper medication that would take years to get developed, by hundreds of scientists, costing millions of dollars. It’s impressive, but scary at the same time. But it shows how fast things are taking shape these days. AI is definitely leading the charge, but there are also other impressive tech being demoed this year. There’s some exciting stuff on the horizon so let’s dig deeper.

Better Generative AI Models (for Everyone)

The next-gen AIs won’t be satisfied with copying what they see. They’ll dive deeper, trying to understand the messy, wonderful jumble of emotions that make us human. Imagine a musician jamming with an AI, feeding it their favorite tunes and a few of their own riffs. The AI would then spin out brand new songs, emulating the musician’s style but adding surprising flourishes and unexpected harmonies. Writers stuck in a rut could use AI as a brainstorming buddy, sparking fresh ideas or weaving evocative prose that feels just like their own.

This future with AI isn’t just about creating cool stuff, it’s about creating something entirely new. We see a range of industries wanting to jump in. Let’s take the gambling industry. We already have AI tools dedicated for the casino industry (like Midway AI), but imagine entire slot demos being developed from a single prompt. This probably sounded like something from science fiction a few years back. But it doesn’t sound impossible anymore, does it?

BMW Remote Valet

Forget squeezing into tight parking spots! BMW’s new Remote Valet ditches the stress. Imagine pulling up to a valet stand, hopping out, and handing over control… virtually.

That’s right, a human pro, guided by your car’s cameras, whisks it away using a special remote rig. No robots here – just a tap on your app connects you to a driver ready to park your car with ease.

This isn’t just fancy, it’s the future. Remote car washes, stress-free airport drop-offs – the possibilities are endless. BMW says their existing tech is ready, so buckle up for a future where parking might just park itself.

Skhweel’s Electric Skis

It’s time to ditch the bulky boots and awkward poles. Skwheel, a French startup, unveiled its vision for the future of skiing at CES: electric skis! The Skwheel-One is essentially a high-tech scooter for each foot. Controlled by a remote, it tackles any terrain, from fresh powder to city streets (at a slower, legal speed, of course). Want to feel the wind in your hair? Skwheel offers a private-land-only modification that lets you hit speeds of 50 mph! Priced at $1750 (pre-order!), these electric snow skates might just redefine how we experience winter.

OrCam’s AI-powered “ears”

Hearing aid seems to be the thing of the past. An estimated 40 million Americans have some level of hearing loss. If you’re struggling to hear a friend’s voice in a noisy restaurant, there is a solution! OrCam Hear, a new device from OrCam Technologies, aims to silence the chaos.

This CES 2024 showstopper combines a smartphone dongle and earbuds with an AI assistant. It listens to your surroundings, building profiles for each voice and sound. Feeling overwhelmed?

Simply choose which voices you want to hear clearly through the earbuds, muting the background chatter. With OrCam Hear, saying goodbye to crowded-room struggles might be just a tap away.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Forget robots stealing your job. Think of them as tireless assistants that make your job easier.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an especially interesting field. It’s like training a software sidekick to handle repetitive tasks. Imagine it tackling mountains of data, processing transactions, or even answering emails, all while you’re free to focus on the creative stuff.

Now, some folks worry about RPA replacing jobs, but here’s the twist – it creates new ones too. As an IT pro, mastering RPA opens doors to exciting careers.  Think developer, project manager, or even a consultant guiding businesses through this automation revolution. So, ditch the fear and embrace the future. RPA might just be the key to a smarter, more efficient way of working.

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