How To Unban A WhatsApp Number

Picture this. It’s a regular day, and you open WhatsApp to check on your messages, only to discover that you can’t actually access WhatsApp at all! You get the notification that your number has been banned, and you’re not entirely sure why it happened and how to unban your number.  That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll walk ...

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If you see that your device is not the same as before, it could be the time to change it. Some people change mobile phones as if they were pens. This happens a lot with iPhones, for instance. Yes, they are getting prettier all the time. But is it really necessary to change mobile phones so quickly? If it is ...

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The Block Puzzle Game Starter Guide

So, have you heard about the Block Puzzle game? It is an online game fashioned after Tetris. Not that you’ll need much help getting started with the game, but it will help you know the ins and outs of competing against real-life players. Also, it will help you compete in multiplayer tournaments and win. So, let’s get started. The Basic ...

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Dos And Don’ts Of Sports Betting

Sports betting organizations, like every other internet business, have recognized that in order to succeed, they must have a mobile offering. Punters today want sports betting applications, or at the absolute least, a betting site that is mobile-friendly and easy to use. However, there are other dangers associated with selecting and using a sports betting app — and these dangers ...

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Best Service Providers 2022

We cannot deny the fact that the service providers providing TV, internet, and home phone services charge pretty good money for the services as they know that people who need these services will get the services anyway. We need these services more than ever because of the COVID pandemic. You cannot just sit home doing nothing. With the COVID waves ...

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How To Choose The Best Smartphone

With the number of features smartphones offer these days, choosing the right Android phone can be quite challenging. The technology is changing each day. Improvements are made on both the hardware and software side of a cell phone. Most people–one or two months after they buy the latest smartphone–realize that there are already new models available in the market, with ...

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5 Best Cool Android Apps for March 2021

In 2021, there is a long list of categories one can choose an app from. Games, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, utility, and travel are some of the most popular categories. Which is your favorite kind? According to a stat by BuildFire, an average person uses 25 apps per month. There is a growing need for cooler and cooler apps in ...

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How To Prevent A Sim Swap Scam

Sim Swap Scam

With the advent of the latest technology, life has become simpler and easier than ever. You can have anything you want, within a few minutes. Order food, electronic equipment, spa services, etc without having to step outside your home. You can also book deals and offers online. This is all great.  However, the cases of cybercrime are also on a ...

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How to Change Your Verizon Phone Number Easily?


Have you had the same Verizon phone number for years now and wish to change it? If yes, then this blog is here to help you out. However, you may need a new phone number for ample reasons. For instance, someone might want to change their number because certain people have been bothering them for quite a while. On the ...

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