9 Brilliant Sports Apps to Try in 2024

Carving out time for sports can be challenging, given the fast-paced life we lead in the 21st century. That said, your love for sports doesn’t have to take a backseat. Want to check the latest scores? There are apps for that. Want to catch some of the live action? There are apps for that as well! Read on for all the best sports apps you should consider checking out in 2024.

1.   The Athletic

Let’s be honest, we are not big fans of paywalls, are we? As there are so many free resources available, paying for score updates and analytical content might appear exorbitant. But, The Athletic does present a pretty impressive deal, given the wealth of premium offerings they come with.

Other than the scores and live updates, you will get exclusive insights on your favorite sports teams. The Athletic covers a variety of sports and boasts a roster featuring the finest sports journalists in the world. For this reason, The Athletic, now owned by the New York Times, is the first app that comes to mind when it comes to sports.

2.   Eurosport

Eurosport is not just a scores and results bundle. You can explore a wide range of sports here, from tennis and cycling to rugby and boxing. Subscribe to more than 150 sports news stories daily for in-depth analysis. Relive every epic moment with on-demand video replays and highlights. Plus, a clear and easy-to-use interface keeps you on top of live scores and upcoming tournaments.

3.   GHD Sports

GHD Sports can be another mobile phone companion for die-hard sports fans. Follow live scores and updates for a massive range of sports – football, cricket, basketball, you name it!

Not enough? You can also take a deep dive with expert analysis and even enjoy live broadcasts from select stations. If you are looking for an app with extensive sports coverage, GHD Sports deserves to be one of the top entries in your list.

4.   Sports Betting Apps

It’s all well and good seeing live scores and news about the teams you love, but what do betting markets say about who’s going to win a match? For this kind of information, you’re going to want a sports betting app that dives deep into the betting side of sport. From live odds to season outrights and player propositions, a good sports app will provide punters with everything they need to make an informed bet.

One of the best things about using sports betting apps is the variety available. Given the growth of the industry over recent years, almost every sportsbook will have its own app which allows you to access the full range of their features, including odds. Many sportsbook apps also offer live streaming of matches, which is a huge perk.

5.   Sofa Score

Sofa Score is a highly popular app among soccer fans. It brings you live coverage of prominent soccer competitions all around the world. Need to follow multiple matches at once? Sofa Score has you covered.

This app also provides detailed break-down of individual player performances during live matches. While it’s mostly known for its in-depth soccer features, Sofa Score has now expanded into more than 20 disciplines.

6.   CBS Sports

CBS Sports is currently going through some challenges, but the network still flaunts one of the best sporting apps in the business. The app has seen significant improvements over the past few months.

Firstly, the app opens to a customizable news feed that hits you with updates from your favorite teams and leagues right away. Scores are then just a tap away. Swipe to the next tab where you’ll find upcoming game dates at the top, while the breaking news section can be found right below. Without a doubt, the CBS Sports app has come a long way in providing a smooth experience for readers.

7.   BBC Sports

BBC Sports is one of the oldest names in the sports coverage industry. Unsurprisingly, the organization now has a top-tier app that delivers headlines across a wide range of sports. Other than a vast coverage spectrum, BBC Sports provides in-depth analysis of major international events. For residents in the UK, the app also comes with exclusive clips and broadcasts.

8.   Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is another excellent choice for sports fans to take their fandom to the next level. Uncover a treasure trove of American sports content in the platform alongside international sports coverage. Get instant access to news, insights, and player info with a simple tap on the BR icon on your phone. We highly recommend this for American sports fantasy and betting picks.

9.   Real-Sports

Fan interaction is a vital part of the modern sporting experience and Real-Sports excels in that regard. This app makes its way into our selection thanks to its magnificent social media features that allow fans to interact with each other and share their thoughts. It’s a unique app, with unique attributes, and rounds out our list of the nine best sports apps to try out in 2024.

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