If you see that your device is not the same as before, it could be the time to change it.

Some people change mobile phones as if they were pens. This happens a lot with iPhones, for instance. Yes, they are getting prettier all the time. But is it really necessary to change mobile phones so quickly? If it is for fashion, you would better save a few dollars that you can use for something else. Now, if your mobile phone is not working as well as it used to, the time has come. But how do you know when it is time to get a new mobile phone?

  1. The screen is flickering or showing vertical lines

Perhaps, in the past, you have dropped your mobile phone. Who hasn’t been there? Surely, more than one. It is completely normal! With the use of these electronic devices, the risks to which they are exposed are almost daily. In some cases, the screen of the mobile phone may break. Clearly here, you will have to change the phone.

However, if you prefer not to buy another phone, you can repair that gadget instead of. There are many places where they can fix your mobile phone. They will most likely recommend an LCD screen replacement. Just make sure you take your equipment to a safe and secure location. You may run the risk of being robbed or having a part fitted that is not of high quality. If this happens, you will end up spending more in the end as your phone will need constant servicing, due to some kind of failure. 

  1. Apps take a long time to open 

What used to take a few seconds now means minutes of waiting. But perhaps it is just an update issue. If so, don’t worry, it can be fixed. Update your apps and try to open them again. This might be a solution. Now, if it won’t let you update, what should you do? Change your phone? Maybe. 

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  1. Battery discharges too fast

If you have to charge your phone several times a day, it could be one of two things: you are using apps, which consume a lot of battery power, or you may have bought a charger that is not suitable for your phone. These are the two most common reasons why a phone discharges quite often. If this is your case, you know what the problem is.

However, if you have already ruled out those options, it is time to dip into your savings because chances are you will have to buy a new phone. You cannot live with a mobile phone that discharges every hour. Imagine a trip! You will want to take pictures, listen to music and do a thousand things with your mobile phone. With a nearly dead battery, you can’t do any of that. You may even be waiting for an important phone call from family or work. With the cell phone off, it will be impossible.

Operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows have revolutionized the market. People no longer buy a mobile phone just to send text messages and make calls. Communication is a little more rudimentary! What? Yes, as ironic as it sounds, it is like that. If not, look at yourself, and you will see that this is the case. Moreover, some companies apply “planned obsolescence”, or what is, deliberately reducing the life of a product to increase consumption. Of course, not all the companies go that way. However, most of them know that this generates more revenue and that the user has no choice.

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