How To Choose The Best Smartphone

With the number of features smartphones offer these days, choosing the right Android phone can be quite challenging. The technology is changing each day. Improvements are made on both the hardware and software side of a cell phone. Most people–one or two months after they buy the latest smartphone–realize that there are already new models available in the market, with ...

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5 Best Cool Android Apps for March 2021

In 2021, there is a long list of categories one can choose an app from. Games, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, utility, and travel are some of the most popular categories. Which is your favorite kind? According to a stat by BuildFire, an average person uses 25 apps per month. There is a growing need for cooler and cooler apps in ...

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How To Prevent A Sim Swap Scam

Sim Swap Scam

With the advent of the latest technology, life has become simpler and easier than ever. You can have anything you want, within a few minutes. Order food, electronic equipment, spa services, etc without having to step outside your home. You can also book deals and offers online. This is all great.  However, the cases of cybercrime are also on a ...

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How to Change Your Verizon Phone Number Easily?


Have you had the same Verizon phone number for years now and wish to change it? If yes, then this blog is here to help you out. However, you may need a new phone number for ample reasons. For instance, someone might want to change their number because certain people have been bothering them for quite a while. On the ...

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How to Move Whatsapp from iPhone to Android?


Switching operating systems on your phone is standard. But, the hassle of transferring all your WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android is a lot. WhatsApp transfer and backup in itself is confusing at times, add the pressure of transferring everything from one platform to the other. Given how much WhatsApp has grown as a personal communication platform, saving the chats ...

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How to Change Your iOS GPS Location?


The rate of social media cyber crimes are on the rise. Access to data and people’s location poses a very malicious threat to their personal information and their well-being. It is where GPS spoofing apps have gained massive importance. From helping secure your location to keeping your data in the phone secured, these platforms help in multiple ways. If you ...

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Amazon launches ‘Hands-Free’ Alexa on Mobile Phones


Amazon has updated the Alexa mobile app for Android and iOS devices with the expected hands-free support. As the name suggests, users can activate Alexa directly on their mobile devices with their voice using new add-ons. Your work includes only summoning for Google Assistant on your Android phone or Siri on your iPhone to open the Alexa application. How to ...

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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Being Hacked

mobile phone

We use our phone for everything nowadays, from bank transactions to online shopping, communication to bill payments. As such, a lot of sensitive personal information is stored on the phone at all times. It is thus crucial to protect our phones from data theft and other security threats. Moreover, multiple harmful apps can steal your phone’s information and allow hackers ...

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NBCUniversal Launches Yet Another Streaming Service


Netflix used to be more or less the only big-name player in town when it came to entertainment streaming service, but these days everybody wants to get in on the action. First, it was Amazon Prime. After that, it was CBS All Access. Disney got in on the action in a big way at the end of 2019 with Disney ...

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