The Block Puzzle Game Starter Guide

So, have you heard about the Block Puzzle game? It is an online game fashioned after Tetris. Not that you’ll need much help getting started with the game, but it will help you know the ins and outs of competing against real-life players. Also, it will help you compete in multiplayer tournaments and win. So, let’s get started.

The Basic Rules

The game is similar to Tetris, and the rules remain the same. In the Block Puzzle game, a grid must be filled with block pieces. The block pieces appear on the bottom of the screen, appearing in threes. Once you have successfully placed them all, you can move on to the following three pieces, and the game goes on.

Although you have to place the block pieces on the game board, the game’s objective is not to fill the board. The goal is to clear horizontal and vertical lines to score points. So, it would be best if you placed the blocks so that you could clear multiple lines and beat your opponent.

Each match session lasts three to five minutes. So, until the timer ends, you have to place the block pieces and score more than your opponent. Therefore, when you play the game, ensure to switch off all the notifications and alerts. You need to fully concentrate on your game and not get distracted by an email or text.

The Game’s Controls 

The controls are straightforward. You simply have to drag and drop the block pieces onto the game board. Place them in the proper place so they can create horizontal or vertical lines. It would be best if you also studied the pieces before placing them carefully. If you focus on clearing single lines, you might not score more than your opponent. When it is a competition, you have to concentrate on staying longer in the game and scoring higher than your opponent.

The Winning Strategies

The Block Puzzle game is not based on luck. While you cannot control the block pieces that will appear on your screen, you can apply some tactics to clear lines. You have to place the pieces properly on the grid and be smart about it so your future moves are not hampered. Take a look below at a few of the tried and true strategies.

  • Don’t Start Filling The Game Board From The Center, But The Sides

It is not prudent to fill the game board by placing the block pieces in the center. You have to start from the sides so that the center isn’t too crowded. There might come a few surprising pieces that will turn your game around. It is crucial to leave space for such pieces. 

Therefore, always remember to start from the side of the game board and then make your way toward the center. As you place the pieces on the grid, try to create lines so you can clear them and remain longer in the game. 

  • Never Let The 3×3 Take You By Surprise

The 3X3 square piece is feared by gamers who enjoy playing Block Puzzle. It is a notorious piece, and if you haven’t left space for this piece, it can end your game quicker than you’d imagine. 

The only solution is always to leave space for this piece when placing the block pieces on the grid. The square piece is a solid block that cannot be rotated. You have to place it as it is. Make space for this piece while placing blocks on the grid, and you will be able to remain longer in the game. 

  • Dumping The Pieces Is Not A Strategy

It is never a good idea to place the blocks mindlessly all over the grid. You cannot recover from this, mainly because the game is timed. So, you have limited time to make amends, and you cannot undo the damage done. 

Therefore, study the board correctly and analyze the block pieces. Then, start placing them and when you do, be mindful of your moves. Have a clear strategy in your head as to how you will create horizontal or vertical lines. It would be best if you moved towards your goal with caution. Even if the timer has come to an end, don’t panic. You need to work your way through the maze and come out victorious. 

  • Focus On Creating And Removing Multiple Lines

The goal is clearing the grid, and when competing against opponents, you would want to score the highest. You would not want to fall behind. So, clearing single lines should not be your strategy from the start. It is impossible to score more than your opponent by clearing single lines within five minutes. 

It makes sense to concentrate on creating multiple horizontal and vertical lines. These lines will get cleared quickly, and you will have scored more than your opponent. Work towards your goal with concentration and focus. 

  • Play Practice Games

One of the best ways to master Block Puzzle strategies is by playing practice games. These practice games are the same as tournaments, but they don’t offer rewards. Play these games, compete against opponents, and learn the art of remaining calm in the middle of an intense battle. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you have all the information required to start playing Block Puzzle and competing in tournaments. Use this knowledge to beat your opponent and earn cash prizes.

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