5 Best Cool Android Apps for March 2021

In 2021, there is a long list of categories one can choose an app from. Games, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, utility, and travel are some of the most popular categories. Which is your favorite kind?

According to a stat by BuildFire, an average person uses 25 apps per month. There is a growing need for cooler and cooler apps in 2021. By cooler, I mean apps that understand the user and do not ask for anything in return. In short, full value for no money. This post is intended to share with you some cools free Android app to use in 2021.

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Here Are the 5 Best Cool Android Apps for March 2021

1) QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

Listening to music is both relaxing and invigorating. In modern times when there is so much stress around, a lot of people resort to listening to their favorite music–a healthier method of coping. It is a lot better than drugs or the consumption of negative media. With QuickLyric, you get to read lyrics to your favorite songs on your preferred music apps. QucikLyric works on all popular music apps; also Androids default music app.

2) Nuzzel – News for Busy Professionals

As I said in the previous section, the consumption of negative media has become a way to cope with the stress and worries of our lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. NEWS magazines and channels are supposed to bring you unbiased and unaltered information at your fingertips. This is exactly what Nuzzel does. A couple of years ago, the New York Times and Time Magazine voted Nuzzel as the best app on Google Play Store.

3) Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Boosted is a time and productivity tracker app for those who wish to make the best of their limited time and resources. Boosted keeps you informed about the events and activities happening in your life. Often, we forget important things like paying the credit card bill, sending a birthday card to a friend or being present a meeting on time. You can also add projects you are working on. Record the time spent working on a selected project.

4) Lo-Fi Radio – Work, Study, Chill

Lo-Fi Radio is another cool app to use in 2021. What makes Lo-Fi so cool? This instrumental Hip Hop music ap has a theme for every mood. Moreover, you get options to listen to the audio in three speeds. 32 KBPS, 92 KBPS, and 192 KBPS.

5) Listle – The Best Articles, in Audio

Did you know that you can now listen to your favorite text articles for free? Yes, an app called Listle from XTK: SPN Rooftop Studio converts a blog post into an audio file. The audio feels natural and authentic. You won’t feel like you are listening to a robot. Why would someone want to use this app? Someone who wished to read a particular blog but doesn’t have time or patience can benefit from Listle. 


These are the three cool apps to download in 2021. Apart from the regular apps, you use on your Android phone, make sure you have one of these as well. 

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