How to Get the Most out of Your iPad

Your iPad has the potential to be a powerhouse if that’s what you need from a tablet. Although, depending on how you use your iPad, you might not be getting as much out of it as you could.

What is your iPad’s main purpose?

To maximize the benefits of owning an iPad, the first thing you need to do is determine its main purpose. Is it for fun? Do you only use it once in a while as a backup device? Is it for schoolwork? Or do you use your iPad exclusively for business?

If you don’t actually use your iPad often, there probably isn’t much you can do that will make a difference, but if you rely on it for business, there are so many opportunities to make your iPad perform better.

Get a quality protective iPad case

The first thing to do, no matter how you use your tablet, is to get a high-quality protective case for your iPad. You can only get the most out of a tablet that works, so protect it as much as possible from drops, shocks, and scratches. Accidents happen when you least expect them, and you can’t prevent them from happening. Even if you don’t drop your iPad, someone else might.

Treat your battery right

To make sure your iPad lasts for a long time, take care of the battery to prolong the lifespan as much as possible. Instead of charging it all the way to 100% and then letting it die before recharging, keep the charge between 20% and 80%.

Lithium-ion batteries will lose capacity if they get drained to nothing or overcharged. For example, if you plug your iPad in at night to charge, your charger will continue to flow power into the device even when it’s full. This will damage the battery and cause it to lose capacity. It can also create a fire hazard, and many people have unfortunately experienced their devices catching on fire and/or exploding from being overcharged.

To prevent your battery from being drained too fast, follow these tips and turn off as many battery-draining features as possible.

Get a Bluetooth wireless keyboard

No matter how great you are at typing on a tablet keyboard, life is easier when you have a wireless keyboard. It’s easier to type out emails and send memos for work. It’s also easier to navigate search engines and find things quickly when you’re trying to conduct research or find something specific.

You may not always be able to use your Bluetooth keyboard, but at least you can when you’re able to sit at a table or your desk and focus on work.

It also helps to have a wireless mouse with your keyboard. Chances are, when you’re using a keyboard, you won’t have the screen right in front of you. It’s probably going to be on some kind of a stand and it won’t make sense to lean forward constantly to tap the screen every time you need to click on something.

Get an external monitor

External monitors are terribly underrated for the convenience they provide. No matter what iPad you have, the screen will always be smaller than a standard monitor. If you’re used to working on a small screen, you may not realize how limited you are until you start using a bigger monitor.

If you’re using your tablet for business, get the biggest monitor you can find. Generally, this will be between 24” and 30.” If a larger monitor seems too big at first, give it a few weeks and you’ll get used to it and wonder how you survived before.

Use a tablet stand

At the very least, you’ll enjoy having a tablet stand for your iPad so you can watch movies and YouTube videos without having to hold it or lean it against something. A stand will come in handy when you want to relax after work or watch movies on the weekend.

You’ll also find it easier to use a monitor when you have a stand for your iPad. You can put your iPad off to the side on the stand and use the monitor, but if you need to do something with your device, it will be easily accessible.

A few accessories can make all the difference

iPads are great for traveling and home use, but sometimes you just need a few accessories and expert tips regarding which settings to disable to create the best experience possible.

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