How to keep your Vape Battery Safe?

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With the rise in the sale of e-cigarettes and other popular vaping devices in an attempt to help people combat and quit their smoking addiction, vaping has grown in popularity. E-cigarettes are not the only vaping devices that have increased in demand, but there are also vape pens and advanced personal vaporizers. One can find mind-blowing vape deals online. The structure of a vapor device is pretty simple to understand. It consists of mainly three parts, namely a mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge that contains e-liquid or what is also known as e-juice and a heating component, for which the battery is required. When one uses the device, the battery is supposed to provide heat to the heating component which then converts the components of the e-liquid into an aerosol which is then inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled, much like the process of smoking a cigar. However, the recent study observes that though vaping devices came into the market to help people quit smoking, they themselves come with a baggage of health hazards and also need some amount of maintenance. We have a brief guide here on how to help you keep your vape battery safe.

Unlike the batteries of your remote control, your vape batteries are high end and much more powerful. Hence, they need to be handled with much care as opposed to your regular AA batteries. Here’s a regular guide for beginners on how to handle their vape batteries with a lot of care and make them last longer.

●    Taking care of battery wraps

Keeping your battery wraps in a proper condition is important. The battery wraps, especially for batteries as high powered as the ones used in a vapor device, need to be taken good care of and made sure there aren’t any nicks or cuts. If the wrap is damaged, the best option is to go out and get it re-wrapped from a local store if you haven’t done it yourself before.

●    Knowing which battery is right for your device

Especially for beginners, more often than not, people tend to use the wrong kind of batteries for their devices. It is important to know which battery is right for your device. A lot of times, people tend to pick up batteries that are not used for vaping at all. It is always advisable to ask at the store and let them know which batteries or for which device are you looking for batteries before purchasing them.

●    Importance of battery cases

It is essential to take care of your batteries when they are not in use. To simply store them away with other objects or in conditions not suitable for their sustenance which might lead to them being short-circuited, it is always a good idea to get plastic battery cases which are available for a really low cost. It is also a good idea to always check and counter check the brands from which you’ll be buying the batteries. Since these batteries are very powerful; and they also cost more. Invest in original ones than just going for duplicate brands.

●    Charging your batteries

Not just batteries, but no device should be left for charging overnight. It is of course tempting, especially when you need to keep them charged for longer and overnight seems like the best utilization of the time, however, due to their high power, and by virtue of being electronic devices, overcharging can often lead to a failure in performance. You can get a charge for a very cheap price at the market. When not in use or being charged, keep them stored in battery cases.

●    Storing your batteries at the right temperature

For every product comes a guideline and a direction of storing them in proper temperatures, which we often ignore. However, for expensive products or electronic products like these, it is always advisable to take extra care of their storage and maintenance. Even if you store them in battery cases, make sure to keep them away from extremely high temperatures for they can damage the performance of your batteries and strain them faster, as opposed to keeping them in extremely low temperatures which take away the life from your battery.

●    Replacing and recycling your old batteries the right way

Every battery of any electronic device has a certain life, beyond which they need to be replaced. Every battery after a certain point of time begins to lose their capacity or strength. It is always advisable to keep a note of how long does your battery take to charge. With its growing age, it will take longer to discharge, that is when you must replace your old batteries for your vape device, or any other electronic device for that matter. Always keep in mind that while replacing, it is important to discard your batteries properly. Often mentioned on the label, batteries are hazardous waste material. It is a good idea to recycle them in disposable battery boxes.

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