Give Your Liquor Storage a Style

Liquor has become a sort of status symbol these days. Every time you visit a luxurious accommodation, you can catch hold of liquor storage or cellarets, to be very precise. Liquor is even seen as the first thing demanded when people celebrate, rejoice. Everyone has their own reason for liquor despite knowing its ill-effects.


Liquor storages have been prevalent from the ancient ages. Earlier, they were used to store and secure the liquor bottles from thefts. They were mostly found in the homes of elites till then. The basic need of them was to hide and secure the various alcoholic beverages as these cellarets could be easily locked.However, they have become merely a status symbol these days.


The traditional liquor storages mostly had a wooden texture. They were made of decorative woods such as Mahogany (found in the Sunder bans, India), Rosewood and Walnut. They can be found in different shapes and sizes. Innovations rock the world. A lot many designs are coming up when it comes to the cellarets. The variety coming in the shapes of cellarets is replacing the old almirah shaped cellarets. However, materials like iron and its alloys are also being used in the make nowadays.


Cellarets can be used as a piece of décor apart from being just alcohol storage. They form a part of a home’s interior and can give your lobby a luxurious look with just a small amount of money invested. Floral vases and exotic pieces of arts can be placed over a cellaret to make it even more attractive. Smaller liquor storages may even work as a stand for your T.V. sets. The cellarets undoubtedly increase the beauty of your interior manifolds.


There is turmoil whenever it comes to deciding which cellaret to choose over others. It is though not a life time decision but somehow it decides the look of your home. Interiors matter these days, after all.

When stuck in such a state of confusion, the best way out is to visit the various social vendors online and look for the cellaret you wish to purchase based on the capacity of liquor you want to store and your budget for the same.

Liquor storage

Beautiful bar cabinets from Urban Ladder and other vendors have proven to be one of the distinguished pieces of craft from the finest craftsmen. They can be chosen based on the type of texture required, the wood or metal finish as is required by you. But choose wisely, as they somehow will decide the overall look of your home and first impression lasts forever.

So it is a better way to manage all your liquor and wine bottles lurking around the house at just one place. They can even house your wine glasses and other essentials like whiskey, wine as well. So no need to blindly look around for your alcohol stuff,high on a party mood.

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