iPad: A ‘Miracle Device’ for Autistic Individuals

This is something that I can’t help but smile about: according to experts who deal with all kinds of autism in children, using an iPad may help to reduce the number of violent outbursts that autistic children experience. But how?

By allowing autistic kids to communicate with the world around them — something that autism makes extremely difficult.

The story of the Holmquist family is a true testament to the effectiveness of the iPad in assisting kids with autism. After being suggested by the school therapist of their three-year-old autistic child, the Holmquists picked up an iPad. Since making that decision, they say that the number of violent outbursts, which are caused more often by frustration than anything else, has decreased significantly.

One program in particular, an app called “Proloquo2Go,” is especially useful in helping kids with autism and other disabilities the ability to communicate what they want to the people around them.

Another key to the success of the iPad as a tool for autistic children is the price point: similar technologies, such as the Dynavox (which is highlighted in the original article), are effective but aren’t a viable option for families of modest means who are raising a child with autism.

The $499 pricetag for an iPad is much more affordable than a $7,000 Dynavox machine*, that’s for sure.

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*Not to say the Dynavox devices are bad — quite the contrary. But not everyone has $7,000+ or insurance that covers the purchase of such a device.

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