Bluetooth Hacking

Can somebody hack your bluetooth? 

The answer is most definitely, Yes! The bluetooth feature is present in all of our devices, from our smartphones to cars. However, even though the bluetooth feature has many benefits, it also entails its fair share of security and privacy issues. 

How does bluetooth hacking happen?

Most hackers are brilliant when it comes to hacking via bluetooth. You can connect devices via bluetooth over short distances for a small amount of time. Compact and crowded spaces are the perfect locations for hackers to hack your bluetooth. They take advantage of the proximity of the devices, coffee shops and restaurants are more accessible areas to target since people spend more time in these areas. 

Some can manage attacks from even a distance of a hundred feet, so be aware when you activate the bluetooth on your devices in public. 

Hackers manage to hack into your device and can take control within all of 10 seconds. 

Types of Bluetooth attacks 


It is the most harmful type of all the bluetooth hacking methods. The hacker can create a backdoor into the target’s device system, and this backdoor channel allows the hacker to gain complete control of the device skillfully. The hacker can listen to all the phone calls, intercept and reroute all the communications, answer and send text messages, access apps, and much more. The victim has no clue about all these activities.


Bluesnarfing is a slightly complicated way of attack. A hacker robs all the stored information from a device by using the bluetooth connection. Cybercriminals can smoothly steal all emails, contact information, personal details, photos, and much more from a distance of 300 feet. They do not leave a trace of this attack, and the target may well be unaware of this incident. 


The least malicious of all the bluetooth hacking types, bluejacking does not allow the cybercriminal to control the victim’s device. Instead, Bluejacking works more like a prank call where the hacker sends anonymous and unsolicited messages to the bluetooth device. 

What is Blueborne?

In 2017, Armis, a security agency, discovered an attack vector called Blueborne. This bluetooth attacking system is highly malicious and does not even require the bluetooth of a device to be discoverable. Blueborne is airborne, and all devices with a bluetooth feature are at risk of this vector attacking their devices. 

Blueborne is a sophisticated hacking system that comes into play during corporate data breaches, cyber espionage, and malignant campaigns. 

How can you protect your device from bluetooth hackers?

Turn off your bluetooth

Make a conscious effort to switch off your bluetooth when not in use. Hackers are constantly in search of unsuspecting people who have forgotten to turn off their bluetooth. So beware of this, especially in public areas and spaces. 

Do not share confidential information

Since it is effortless for hackers to pick and steal all your private information once they have hacked your bluetooth, be very mindful when sharing any confidential information. Do not share any passwords, bank details, photos, and addresses via bluetooth. 

Be careful while pairing

When you have to pair your device be a hundred percent sure of the other device you will be pairing. Do not allow any unknown devices to pair with your device. 

Unpair and do not pair devices in public 

If you need to share any data with a known person, try pairing your devices in the comfort of your private space. Avoid pairing your devices in public places. Also, once you have successfully shared and transferred all the data, be particular about unpairing your device. 


The majority of the tech companies realize any bugs or shortcomings of their device software once the public starts using the gadget. The companies then roll out updates to fix these bugs. So always keep your device updated to protect it against any cyber virus attacks and hackers. 


There are always advantages and disadvantages of advancing technology. The progress in time has seen the technology and gadget world develop in multiple folds. This development has made our lives easy in terms of just managing daily routines and basic chores. But, at the same time, the growth and technological progress has also brought with it a risk factor. We are at risk of a data breach, a security lapse, or a cyber attack on our devices that we have no control over. Hence, using these fancy devices is very appealing and makes your life smooth, but you also need to be alert and intelligent about your usage and dependability on your devices. 

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