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How to Connect Phone to Car Without Bluetooth

Playing songs from your smartphone should always be viable, even if you are driving a new or old car. This is because listening to the same CD or cassette repeatedly on a car trip might become tedious. While Bluetooth audio and auxiliary wires and ports are the most common methods, they are far from the sole options.  In this post, ...

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Bluetooth Hacking

Bluetooth Hacks

Can somebody hack your bluetooth?  The answer is most definitely, Yes! The bluetooth feature is present in all of our devices, from our smartphones to cars. However, even though the bluetooth feature has many benefits, it also entails its fair share of security and privacy issues.  How does bluetooth hacking happen? Most hackers are brilliant when it comes to hacking ...

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Pistol Bluetooth Headset: I Swear, I’ll Do It… I’ll Answer the Phone!

No, it’s not a suicide attempt. No, it’s not a cry for help either. It’s a phone call. Why the hell would I want to off myself? Just look at this headset. Would someone who owns such an awesome headset really want to kill themselves? It just doesn’t make sense. Mike Haeg designed this Pistol-shaped Bluetooth Headset to perform pretty ...

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Plen Robot is Controlled Via Your Android Unit

Robots really do come in all forms of shapes and sizes. Even if this little guy is pretty generic as far as form-factor goes, it’s what’s under the hood that makes Plen so spectacular. Controlled via the Android operating system, you can remotely navigate this little guy right from the comfort of your very own mobile device via the power ...

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Casmobot Lawnmower Controlled Via a Wiimote

The Wiimote is much more of a versatile tool than I think even Microsoft could have imagined. People have hacked the Wiimote to create some zany and awesomely practical mods. But I think “lawnmower control” is a new one. The Casmobot Lawnmower is navigated using nothing but a hacked Wiimote and the crafty engineering by several scientists at the University ...

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An MP3 Player That Goes Straight Into Your Ear

Thanko might not be known for their practicality, but I think they might be on to something for once. Their Micro Sports MP3 Player looks more like a Bluetooth headset. The device fits right into your ear with a built-in earbud. It’s that tiny. Available in 2GB and 4GB flavors, the Micro Sports MP3 Player looks a little chintzy, but ...

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Blackberry Tour Hits Verizon Next Month

Verizon users are grinning. There’s finally a new phone in the pipes that people will actually want to buy. It’s the Blackberry Tour and it costs as much as an iPhone 3GS and drops July 12th. What’s that magic $199 price tag net you? The Tour of course can do 3G but it also has a nice 3.2-megapixel camera with ...

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