How to Connect Phone to Car Without Bluetooth

Connect Phone to Car

Playing songs from your smartphone should always be viable, even if you are driving a new or old car. This is because listening to the same CD or cassette repeatedly on a car trip might become tedious. While Bluetooth audio and auxiliary wires and ports are the most common methods, they are far from the sole options. 

In this post, we’ll look at alternative ways to transfer music from your phone to your car without using an aux cord or Bluetooth.

Why Not Connect Phone to Car Through Bluetooth?

Connecting using Bluetooth can reveal personal information, allowing someone to send viruses to your devices or even allowing someone to take control of the Bluetooth device. Although it may sound like something from a spy movie, it is not uncommon for automobiles to be hacked via Bluetooth communication.

So, instead of utilizing Bluetooth, here are a few more options for connecting your phone to your automobile. Keep on reading.

7 Ways To Connect Phone to Car Without Bluetooth

 These are a few alternatives that you can use if you wish to connect your smartphone to your car and play music on it:

FM Radio Transmitter

An FM radio is a standard feature in most modern automobiles. This is the most common choice for drivers. It’s also quite inexpensive and simple to set up. An FM transmitter can be used instead of connecting Bluetooth.

Because audio quality is frequently altered by interference, it heavily relies on adaptor quality. The number of FM stations in your area and the brand of your phone will have an impact on audio quality.

Cassette Tape Adapter

If your car’s stereo system includes a cassette tape player, you may use a cassette tape adapter and connect your phone to it.

Connect the audio cord from the cassette tape adapter to the phone’s headphone jack. In the cassette slot, insert the adaptor. Browse the menu on the audio system to find the “tape” option and push play. The song will begin to play, and you may adjust the volume as desired.

If you can’t use the cigarette lighter, the power port is broken, or the FM transmitter has a poor signal, the cassette converter is a good solution.

USB and AUX Port

A USB port, which may be used as a data connection port or a charging outlet, is found in many recent automobile models. All you need for this approach is a suitable USB cord that you can quickly reach.

In certain automobiles, the audio system may project your phone’s screen onto its own, allowing you to operate all of its functions. The USB connection is one of the finest ways to transfer music from your phone to your car since it provides excellent sound quality and a stable connection.

Furthermore, your phone will remain charged, and you will be able to accept calls hands-free while driving.

Sound Routing App

Hands-free Bluetooth calling is available in older models; however, customers cannot listen to music. Hands-free calling is available in cars from BMW, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.

Use a sound routing app to fool the hand-free Bluetooth into thinking you’re making a call as a solution for this function. This solution is inexpensive and does not require the use of an FM Bluetooth Adapter.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available on many automobile types. Using both these apps, drivers may connect their devices to the car’s audio system. You may use this method to play music from your smartphone, check GPS directions, or even send texts.

Your voice may also be integrated into your car’s music system via Siri or Google Assistant. If your car doesn’t have this feature, you may still utilize Android Auto by connecting your phone via a USB connection. This functionality is currently unavailable on iPhones.

You can acquire some of the few gadgets to listen to songs from your phone in basic automobiles that don’t have an aux input.

New Deck

While you can’t throw out your old automobile simply because it doesn’t have current audio alternatives, you can certainly improve its infotainment system. Several aftermarket automotive entertainment systems are available, each with varying levels of technical sophistication. As a result, a deck with an aux jack, Bluetooth CD player, and USB port is available. However, keep in mind that the more advantages that a deck has, the more expensive it is.

Through an Audio Cable

A 3.5mm auxiliary jack is included in many modern automobile designs. This can be built into the stereo system or placed beneath it. This allows you to directly connect the cord from your phone’s headphone port to your stereo. Once linked, you may use your phone to play whatever music you choose.


We hope that the above article helped you learn about all the alternatives you can use in your car if you don’t want to use Bluetooth or face problems while connecting it.

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