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We cannot deny the fact that the service providers providing TV, internet, and home phone services charge pretty good money for the services as they know that people who need these services will get the services anyway. We need these services more than ever because of the COVID pandemic. You cannot just sit home doing nothing. With the COVID waves coming up, we need to make sure that we take all the necessary precautions and try social distancing. 

If you have people in your house who are studying and are working, they are going to need an internet connection to continue their studies and work. If you have kids in your house who play games online or your brother or sister likes to watch Netflix all the time, then you are going to need an internet connection that offers you fast internet speed.

If you are on a low budget or you prefer to do streaming over watching traditional TV content, you can get standalone internet service. There are many service providers like Cox, which offers amazing internet services at an economic cost. Cox internet prices and features in the plans offered by this company are simply amazing as compared to other providers, you will be shocked to see the difference.

If there are some people in your house, who like to watch sports or news content or there are kids who like to watch cartoons and animated movies, then you are going to need TV services.

If there are some relatives, who live far away from you and you want to remain connected to them, you are going to need home phone services. That will not just help you in keeping in contact with your relatives but even in the event of a power outage, your services will work fine which is very beneficial if there are elders or kids in your house. You will also get some additional perks like enhanced 911 with home phone services.

In a pandemic situation when you need the services the most and you are on a low budget, it is very hard to find out a service provider which offers you not just the best services, but also offers you the best prices. To help you out with this, we have done some digging and made a list of the best companies providing economical services to their customers. If any of these service providers are available in your area, you can go with them and can get the best services.

Best Service Provider for TV, Internet, and Home Phone at a Glance

The following are the best TV, internet, and home phone service providers, which offer great speeds, an extensive channel lineup, and unlimited local and long-distance calling.

  • AT&T
  • Cox


AT&T is one of the best service providers in America, which provides high-speed internet with amazing downloading and uploading speeds via the fiber optic internet connection, amazing TV services with a variety of plans, and unlimited nationwide calling.

If you are looking for just internet services, you will be getting multiple options with internet offered by AT&T to their customers. With AT&T Internet, you can get download speeds up to 940Mbps with an unlimited data cap. With this speed offered by AT&T to their customers, you can do pretty much everything.

If you are looking to get just the TV services with AT&T, you will be getting multiple options for TV plans. For people who want TV services, there are ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER that offer 65+, 90+, 130+, and 140+ channels respectively, and you can pick any package you want.

With the home phone services offered by AT&T to their customers, you would not be just getting unlimited local calling, you will also be getting unlimited long-distance calls with amazing calling features.

If you are looking to get a bundle, there are 5 different bundle plans offered by AT&T to their customers, and you can pick any package as per your need and your budget. All the packages offered by AT&T to their customers will come with a price lock-in of a year.

If you are concerned about customer service, don’t worry because you are going to be very satisfied with the customer service offered by AT&T to their customers. The customer service will be available 24/7 to resolve any issues or concerns that you have.


Cox is also one of those companies in America, which is providing amazing cable TV, internet, and home phone services to millions of people and those who are getting services with Cox are pretty satisfied with the reliability of the services.

Cox offers several packages to its customers. Those who are looking to get internet services with Cox can get speeds up to 940Mbps with a data cap of 1.25TB.

If you are looking to get just the cable TV services, Cox offers Cox TV Starter, Cox TV Preferred, Cox TV Preferred Plus, and Cox TV Ultimate plan with the channel lineup of 75+, 140+, 170+ and 250+ channels respectively.

If you are looking to get home phone services along with the internet, you will be getting unlimited nationwide calling with 14 popular calling features.

Cox offers the best bundle plans to its customers. There are multiple bundle plans offered by Cox to their customer and you can pick any package as per your need.

Summing it up

Choosing a service provider for your telecommunication services is not an easy task and you should take this seriously. Before you reach out to any service provider, you need to make sure that you make a list of everything you need. Also, you should have a budget in your mind. If you want to get the best services, do proper research, discuss with your friends or family, and then make a decision.

For a business customer, a cable internet connection is the best option because it is widely available, offers you reliability, and doesn’t come at a high cost. 

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