Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

The title of this article is slightly misleading—when it comes to mobile apps and mobile websites, you definitely don’t have to choose between the two. In fact, if a company has a strong web presence, they’re likely to have both a great mobile website and an awesome mobile app. However, both representations serve very different purposes, and both should be ...

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Use Showbox for Android and Unleash World of HD Movies and Shows

After the arrival of Mobile operating systems and smartphones based on them, the word entertainment has been redefined literally. Millions of users use their handsets to access, stream and download gigabytes of digital media content including movies, music and TV shows nowadays. In fact, you can also use several free public wi-fi hotspots to access and enjoy such HD content ...

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5 Times Bulk Messaging Can Save System Administrator

Every system administrator knows that in case of server going down sleepless night guaranteed. That can be a disaster especially for those who live far from work. Those who use management remote interface for all server operations know how important it is to stay close to Internet. Going out of town is a big trouble, and every time when we ...

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New iPhone 6 Cases Offer Style, Functionality & More

As appealing as it gets to show off a brand new iPhone, buyers are only a drop or scratch away from regretting it. That’s why getting a new iPhone 6 or 7 also means investing in a new case, to protect the robust A8 processor, 4.7-inch screen, and all other external and internal goodness offered by this device. Fortunately, case ...

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Huawei p9 Review – All You Need to Know!

huawei p9 max

Huawei is the second largest Chinese dealer of smartphones in India after Xiaomi. Huawei has always been known to develop budget suiting products. Its devices provide a decent bang for bucks. There are a variety of smartphones manufactured by the company and each set consists of high range configurations and features compared to the other Smartphone manufacturers at the same ...

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Message Security With These 6 Apps

You probably don’t have anything to hide in your text messages, but that doesn’t mean that you want just anyone to be able to snoop into what you send and receive. When you text, message, or chat with your coworkers, friends, and family, you can rely on basic texting, which isn’t secure and which leaves your messages vulnerable, or you ...

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How Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Technologies Using


Mobile technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. New gadgets and devices are launched practically every day. They are extremely popular among young people. They reade-mails,check out the weather forecasts, look where the traffic jams are on the road, etc.The modern business also has realized that mobile technologies have many advantages.Now business owners try to encourage their employees to use ...

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Every day, business owners like yourself must rush to keep up with the latest technological advancements that may contribute to the growth of your business. From social media platforms that allow you to market your products and services in new and exciting ways to smartphone apps that increase your company’s productivity, technology and business are now tied to together in ...

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Cloud Computing Advantages For Business Owners (Infographic)

To highlight the benefits of cloud computing, an IT company called TSG designed this innovative infographic which shows why businesses should implement this new technology for greater profitability and efficiency. The infographic shows that Forbes believes 90% of the worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by the next three years. If you don’t want your business to left ...

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