How to Properly Discard an Old Smartphone Before Upgrading

Unsurprisingly, the unveiling of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has already hit record preorder numbers, foreshadowing probable record-breaking sales. With carriers like T-Mobile offering flexible, highly appealing service plans including free music streaming, rollover data packages and in-flight texting at no cost, an accommodating service plan makes it even harder to not want to upgrade to a new ...

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IK Multimedia | iKlip Grip and Xpand Stand Review

iKlip Xpand Stand and Grip Review

While IK Multimedia is popular for its wide range of studio and recording accessories for iOS devices, the company has launched a new line of products- a series of stands and cases. Even though these products have also been aimed at audio recording theaters and studio settings- usually providing mounting options for iPads and IPhones on music stands and mics. ...

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15 Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Easier

It’s pretty hard to function without a smartphone these days. Need directions on where to find that new restaurant? Check. Need help finding an alternate route to avoid that two-car pileup on the way to work? Check. Need help figuring out what the hell foie gras is? Yup. Smartphones can help with that too. Our smartphones have become more like ...

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Welcome to the Year of High Performing Phones at Lower Prices

Gone are the days when you had to pay big to get the best performing smartphones. According to NDTV, last year could be seen as the year when there is a shift in the type of competition manufacturers were engaging. Before 2014, the competition was all about bringing the best specs and it gave us the flagship mobiles like the ...

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4 Key Tips For Buying a Used Phone

Cell phones have become so expensive nowadays that it’s tempting to go online and buy a used one. Like shopping for any other electronics for sale, buying a used phone online can be an effective way to save money while getting that awesome phone you’ve had your eye on for months. Do the Research The best way to get a ...

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How to Block the Annoying In-app Ads on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Get tired of the pop-up ads when playing games, reading e-books, watching videos? Can’t wait to have one ads killer program for iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Almost every iOS user is fed up with in-apps ads, especially disgusted with the giant ads which will take up space on your tiny iDevice’s screen. Aside from the unpleasant ads, the pop-up ads ...

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How Can You Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number for Free

According to the research made by, a whopping 90% of American adults own a cell phone. And if that isn’t enough, about 44% of cell phone owners sleep with their devices next to them just to make sure that they don’t miss any important updates by the night. The numbers are quite astounding, isn’t it? It just comes to ...

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Think Positive; Look After Your Kids Using A Mobile Spy Apps

One simply can’t describe the pleasant feeling that you get when you hold your child in your arms. Parents simply love their kids beyond any limits and this is why they are always concerned about them. As soon as your kid enters their teenage, alarm bells start ringing and you get to face for the first time what parenting is ...

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The Best Screen Protector to Drive Gawkers and (Visual) Hackers Away

This post brought to you by 3M Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Gearfuse. Infiltrated, compromised or otherwise breached cell phones, sadly, continue to be the scourge of this digital age. As mobile phones have gotten a lot smarter, they have become more like computers and less like phones, thus vulnerable to hacking.  But unlike laptop ...

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