Use Showbox for Android and Unleash World of HD Movies and Shows

After the arrival of Mobile operating systems and smartphones based on them, the word entertainment has been redefined literally. Millions of users use their handsets to access, stream and download gigabytes of digital media content including movies, music and TV shows nowadays. In fact, you can also use several free public wi-fi hotspots to access and enjoy such HD content nowadays using your phone or tablet running on Android. To access and consume such content, you definitely need to use suitable apps and the Android ecosystem is laden with plenty of such apps.


Enter Showbox

While there are plenty of apps for Android that you can use to access, download and consume media content not all of them are equally useful. If you do not want to pay a premium yet want to enjoy HD movies and top TV shows on your handset, showbox for android is what you need.

Showbox, in a word, is a versatile media access and streaming solution for Android users. It can also be used on Windows 7 and later OS versions.

Why use Showbox

There are many reasons to choose this app over other media apps available for Android devices. The advantages you get are:

Showbox is free and you are spared from doling out any monthly subscription fee. From download to usage, there is no hidden cost. This makes it a better alternative than paying for TV channel subscriptions.

The database of this app is simply huge! The genres of movies available in its database can please most users and the same can be said about the huge numbers of TV soaps.From comedy to horror and action thrillers, you will find almost anything you want to see. You also get spared from the need of storing your favorite movies on the device’s microSD card.

Showbox is very simple to use. You need not be a geek to watch movies and TV shows using the app. Searching for titles is simple and the overall UI is intuitive. You can also pick from diverse HD resolutions and formats when using the Android app.

Getting it installed

Initially, you may find it a tad sad that Showbox is not viable in Google Play Store. But, do not let that factor dishearten you! You can still use the app and enjoy HD content anywhere and anytime.

Search in the web for APK V4.73 or later of the app. With time, newer versions will be made available. After the APK file is downloaded in the device, go to the Settings section and choose security>Unknown Sources. Based on the Android device you have, the settings and UI may be a little different. Thereafter, open the showbox for android apk file in the device’s main storage and run it. It will take a few seconds for its installation to be over. Then, the app will appear in app drawer of your Android device. Start using the app and enjoy the amazing world of HD TV shows and movies.

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