Homemade iPhone 4 Costume Brings Retina Display to the Big Screen

Last year, John Savio, Apple fanboy and avid Halloween fan, created an iPhone 3GS costume that impressed the geek community. It was both a thing of beauty and yet somehow aesthetically ‘off.’ He incorporated a display that made the costume look like a functioning device, but the form factor was all wrong. The corners were too squared… the width too ...

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Scientists Master Facial Recognition on Cellphones

Facial recognition has been standing on the edge of relevance to the average man for a while now, yet it hasn’t quite made the jump from security science to mainstream integration. Scientists at The University of Manchester have been covertly mastering the function of facial recognition from mobile phones with MoBio, and their results are impressive. Existing mobile face trackers ...

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Turn Your iPhone 4 Into a Sony Walkman

Are you already missing the Walkman since Sony’s announcement of its official retirement this week? You’re not alone. It gets better. One day, the Walkman will truly be remembered as the first true portable media player, and the most recent renditions will be forgotten. Lucky for us, we already know the truth, which is how we can get a head ...

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