Are Mobile Games Taking Over Gaming?

Gaming has been a popular pastime for decades and includes various ways to play, including on dedicated gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. In recent years, mobile gaming has seen an uptick in usage and now reportedly surpasses both PC gaming and console gaming in market size. According to GlobalData, the mobile gaming market is already worth $124 billion and is expected to grow to $195 billion by 2030. This figure is larger than both the PC gaming and console gaming markets, combined. 

These huge figures show just how popular gaming on mobile devices has become. Players are increasingly opting to play video games and casino games using handheld devices for a wide variety of reasons, but this was not always the case.

Let’s explore the trends that are shifting gamers away from PCs and consoles and towards mobile gaming. 

Trends Supporting A Shift in Gaming Preference 

With advancements in technology and the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, a growing number of gamers are opting to play via mobile. We’ve now left behind the days when players were confined to gaming on a PC or console at home. Now, millions of players engage in video games and casino games using their phones or tablets from anywhere and at any time. 

Several factors have contributed to the changing consumer preference to play on mobile instead of PC or console. These factors and trends include: 

  • Accessibility and Convenience: Playing on mobile devices is simply more accessible and convenient for most players when compared to playing on gaming consoles or PCs. Mobile gaming allows players to game at home or on the go. Players can engage with their favorite games while waiting in line, commuting, or traveling. This has been a huge driving factor in shifting gamers away from traditional gaming methods and towards mobile gaming.
  • Diverse Gaming Options: The mobile gaming market has grown to offer a diverse range of titles including casual games, video games, and casino games. Because of the sheer quantity of games available, players who enjoy all genres have migrated towards mobile platforms instead of console and PC platforms. Casual gamers can enjoy puzzle games and more. Video gamers can play multiplayer games or first-person shooters. Casino gamers can wager on games like poker, blackjack, baccarat and even find plinko games to play on sites like Additionally, a new trend is for players to enjoy multiple gaming genres, which is not usually possible when gaming on console platforms. For example, many video gamers enjoy wagering once in a while online, and some bettors also enjoy the odd video game. Playing on mobile makes swapping between game genres easy and painless. 
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Another key factor that is pushing gamers away from traditional play platforms and towards mobile gaming is the low barrier to entry. PC and console gaming require players to invest a substantial amount of money in software in order to get started. On the other hand, mobile gaming can be played using just a phone, which many people already have. This makes mobile gaming extremely easy to access with a very low barrier to entry.
  • Social Connectivity: Another factor that is driving the popularity and growth of mobile gaming is that it allows players to connect with friends, family, and their gaming community easily and efficiently in real-time. Multiplayer modes let video gamers feel connected to other gamers, social features in games let gamers chat with one another and online communities and forums allow video and casino gamers to communicate and share information, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared experience
  • Technological Advancements: As tech advances, mobile gaming is becoming more advanced, and is now rivaling the experience players have on console and PC platforms. Mobile gaming now offers high-quality graphics, responsive touch controls, and augmented reality (AR) features. Years ago, dedicated players preferred the experience that console and PC platforms offered, however, as technology has developed over the years, many gaming phones now offer the same features as consoles and computers when it comes to gaming experience. 

While some gamers still prefer playing on their gaming console or computer at home, the majority of players have shifted towards playing on phones or tablets for one or all of the reasons mentioned above. 

Navigating The Future of Mobile Gaming

For players newly navigating the world of mobile gaming, there are several strategies that can help make the most of the trends mobile gaming presents gamers, including:

  • Embrace Cross-Platform Integration: As more players turn to mobile, it’s smart to keep old gaming consoles or PCs and enjoy swapping back and forth between the different platforms to take advantage of the benefits each offers. For example, if a player has a PC at home and wants to start gaming on mobile, keep the PC around for certain games that may be fun to play at home on the PC once in a while, while still embracing the new tech and benefits that mobile gaming offers. Cross-platform play is a great way to keep gaming fun.
  • Experiment: Experiment with different games and gaming genres. One main benefit of gaming on mobile is how accessible games are. For video gamers who have never tried casual games or wagering before, give them a shot. For casino gamers who have never tried casual games before, consider playing a relaxing puzzle game once in a while. In addition, consider experimenting with different new technology, like using cryptocurrency in your gaming. Some crypto games allow players to play to earn while others allow bettors to wager at anonymous casinos using crypto, offering security and privacy. By experimenting, players may just find their newest favorite game or site. 
  • Adapt: Stay up to date with new technology and changes and don’t be scared to adapt and try new things. Mobile gaming is bound to continue changing, growing, and advancing, and the most dedicated gamers will adapt along with it. 


Gaming includes a range of ways to play, like on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and dedicated gaming consoles. In recent years, mobile gaming, which includes phone and tablet gameplay, has exceeded traditional methods in popularity and market size. 

Some of the trends and factors that have supported this change include the accessibility and convenience that mobile gaming offers, the diverse game options available, the low barrier to entry, social connectivity, and tech advancements. For these reasons, and more, a growing number of video and casino gamers are opting to spend their game time on mobile devices. 

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