LG Optimus G Pro In White For ATT Customers!

LG Optimus G Pro

It's all about mobile releases these days and the LG Optimus G Pro is no exception when it comes to mobile news. According to @evleaks, ATT customers are going to see a white version of the LG Optimus G Pro in the coming months.

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Moto X To Launch Early In Rogers Stores!

Moto X

Remember yesterday how we were sharing all too much information about the Moto X? Well here's some more news, at least for our Canadian readers - select Rogers stores will have limited quantities of the Moto X starting this weekend!

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ATT Lets You Design Your Own Phone

Moto Maker

If you're looking for a little creativity with your new phone then ATT might have just what you are looking for. Yes, we know that mobile news has been crazy this week but this is one piece you don't want to miss.

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A New Upgrade Option For T-Mobile Customers


We've all been there, splashed out for a brand new phone using our cell phone upgrade option with our cell provider and paying a little more than we should to cover the difference, only to have an even better phone released weeks later. The only problem is that now that you've used your upgrade, you're stuck with your old new phone for two more years. This predicament has prompted T-Mobile to offer a new upgrade option to their consumers, the JUMP! upgrade program.

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The iPhone 5C?

iPhone 5c

We recently posted the suspected release date for the next iPhone unveil and now one blogger has more news on the iPhone 5C. Blogger Sonny Dickson has shared images and now a video of the supposed iPhone 5C which - if this video is correct - will come in a rainbow of colors.

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iOS 7 Beta 5 Now Open To Developers


If you have been reading GearFuse for a while then you will know that we are Apple fans, so it is with great excitement that we announce that Apple has now opened iOS 7 Beta 5 to developers! Why are we so excited? Because this means that we're one step closer to getting our hands on a perfected iOS 7! Beta 5 is available to download via Software Update and registered devices can check out the source link to check out more information. The rest of us however, will have to wait.

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The Reveal Of The HTC One Max

Back in early July the UK carrier, O2 revealed the upcoming HTC One Max when they published an image of a document from O2 Germany. Well, another "leak" has come out from Taiwanese site ePrice that reportedly reveals just what the HTC One Max will look like

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