Best Free IPhone Apps In 2017

iphone apps

Just got your new iPhone? Congratulations! But now you might be thinking what apps to install. Sure there are the classic Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat because come on what’s the point of any smartphone without those? With the launch of iOs 11 there are a whole lot more apps available now. It is wrongly perceived that most of the good ...

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How to Choose the Most Suitable Mobile POS System for Your Business

SumUp Air Card

Smartphones are increasingly becoming less like communication devices, and more like smart gadgets or mini computers we can carry around with us. This is most evident in the business sector, where smartphones are used for everything from project management to international conferencing. Some companies are even designing entire business models around smartphone use (hello, Uber!). Thanks to the advent of ...

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All You Need To Know About Home Automation Options

home automation options

The “smart house” was merely a concept just two short decades ago. An expensive proposition before the invention of wifi, smartphones, and devices, wiring your house for automation was only for people with a vast amount of disposable income. Now, however, everyone from apartment dwellers to high-end homeowners can automate their house for very little cost and without much knowledge ...

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9 Latest iPhone Apps to Get you Rolling


I phone 8/8 plus/X has already been launched and people can’t keep calm about it. People are really excited about the new features, new design, and the new update. Also, when it’s about Apple, it’s about flaunting. There are various apps designed only for iOS and iOS users always brag about it. There are various iPhone apps which are superb ...

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Wireless speaker mouse pad takes it way too far

Integration of devices can always be taked one (or more) steps too far. The Wireless Speaker Mouse takes it about four steps too far. 1:You really don’t want crappy speakers at your fingertips. Go buy yourself a decent 2.1 speaker set and forget about this. 2:A calculator in your mousepad? Why? You are sitting at a computer which is made ...

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Tech Products That Will Make a Difference for Seniors

You may think that your parents (or grandparents) are tech averse, but there’s a good chance that they like technology just as much as you do. However, they may not have as good a bead on what’s currently available in the marketplace. If you are looking for a compelling – and useful – birthday or anniversary gift, or would simply ...

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The Changing World of GPS Navigation

There can be no doubt that the way we plan a certain trip and the best route to take, has changed. Sunday drives, when I was a child, taught me where back roads went and that many times, the distance between two points could not be judged best based on a map. When satellite navigation became accessible in the 1980s ...

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Maintaining Relevancy In A Graphically Superior Market


Smartphones, Clouds, And IoT Today’s technology climate is downright saturated with top-tier technology solutions—even mice are affected; though as yet there’s no “app” for that. From smartphones to iPads, mp3 music players, laptops, desktops, and internet-enabled non-computational devices, that which defines online interaction has expanded exponentially. IoT stands for the “Internet of Things”, and refers to devices like thermostats, refrigerators, ...

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Should you Repair that Gadget or Replace it?

As an engineer, I often try to fix broken things, especially gadgets myself. I am sure a lot of you would be in the same habit. While manufacturers are introducing policies that encourage us to replace products instead of getting them repaired, if your gadget is out of warranty, it might be a good idea to explore the options to ...

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Keeping your Phone Safe from Mobile Thieves; an Infographic

With the cost of smartphones rising each and every day, it is no surprise that you find thieves targeting our beloved phones, with some even doing it at gunpoint. Reports indicate that mobile phone users relying on public transport are at a higher risk of theft. However, that does not guarantee the safety of other users. Anyone can be a ...

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