Top 7 Free Hair Style Apps to Find the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle could be so confusing at times. We often don’t know which hairdo would go with our face shapes. And that could be a tough situation to be in. But, worry not because today’s tech has put an end to all your troubles by putting several hairstyle apps at your service.

So, do you want a get a new haircut or style your hair differently? If yes, then read on to find out the 7 best hairstyle apps to ensure that you look flawless in your new hairstyle.

List of the 7 Best Hair Style Apps

1.     Hairstyle Makeover

It’s not only the women who want a good hairstyle, the men want it too. So, why discriminate? And to solve the problem here is an app that serves them both! Hairstyle Makeover has a friendly interface and amazing hairstyles that you can match with.

You can use it to pick out the perfect hairstyle for your face or just play around and have some fun. Moreover, this hairstyle app utilizes real hairstyles only so that they look realistic enough when you try them out. 

The best part about Hairstyle Makeover is that it can help men as well. It has an assorted list of male hairstyles, beard styles, and mustaches too. Now, that’s a pretty rare finding! There are several other unique editing features too in this hairstyle app which makes it a must-try.

2. Hairstyle Lite

Hairstyle Lite is a virtual hairstyle-trying app for both men and women. This hairstyle app will allow you to try out 36 hairstyles available for different hair lengths for free. Furthermore, if you buy the entire package, then you will be able to discover over 800 hairstyles.

Using this app is very easy. Just click a photo of yours or pick a photo from the gallery of your phone and put on different hairstyles with it.  And just like that, Hairstyle Lite will allow you to discover what kind of hairstyle goes with your face shape.

It is completely safe and you can also share the hairstyle designs with your loved ones to get a second opinion. Sharing the final hairstyle pic with your hairstylist will let her know what exactly she needs to create.

3. Cute Girls Hairstyle

Yet another wonderful hairstyle app that can be downloaded on both Android 7 & iOS platforms. This is a unique app that provides you with hairstyle how-tos. From fishtail braids to ballerina buns, you will find it all here.

In short, this is the ultimate hairstyle hub where you will find all kinds of hairstyles. It has a sharing option too so that you can show off your next hairdo. Moreover, you can also save all your favorite pages including hairstyles and tutorials in your phone gallery.

With a massive collection of over 1000 hairstyles for women, this hairstyle app boasts of both expertise and usability. But, unlike some of the other entries in this list, Cute Girls Hairstyles can’t help with male hairstyles.

4. Hair MakeOver

Hair MakeOver is a top-notch hairstyle app that allows you to find your perfect hairstyle within a minute. The steps to do so are pretty simple too! Just choose a photo of yours, pick a hairstyle, and finally match your face with the hairstyle.

This hairstyle app provides you with very realistic hairstyles of different types. You will find everything here. Be it for short, long, medium, brunette, blonde, black, or any other hair type, Hair MakeOver has got you covered.

Moreover, you will find hairstyles for both men and women on this app. Once, you’re done with picking a hairstyle, you can share it with your friends as well. Also, you can quickly switch from one hairstyle to another.

5. Hairstyle Changer App

Hair Style Changer App presents you with over 50 stunning hairstyles to try out. It allows you to figure out the perfect hairstyle and hair color for your face. This app also furnishes you with various accessories to try on.

Figuring out the perfect hair color that would suit your face shape is not that easy. But, with this hairstyle app, you will get to see how you look entirely different with your new hair color. Along with the refreshing hairstyles, you can also apply makeup on your virtual face to achieve the ultimate decked up look.

This is a boon for several women and girls out there who are going through a hard time trying to figure out the best hairstyles for themselves. Besides, this app can also help men choose a new hairdo with several hairstyle options seconded with mustache and beard styles too.

6. Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is a hairstyle app that comes packed with many interesting features. It has a library of new and trendy hairstyles to try on. Besides, it also allows you to experiment with different hair colors. There are a lot of apps that allow you to try out hairstyles, but not many can show you different hair colors.

It comes with a rotation tool too for all the imported photos. Also, you can try their different hair colors and hairdos at once. The tool is available for both men and women and the hairstyles look pretty realistic on your face. So much so that even your friends won’t be able to tell the difference.

The results will be saved on your phone for future reference. Moreover, this app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

7. Hair Alone: Hairstyle Makeover

Hair Alone is giving a tough time to all the other hairstyle apps in this list. It might just be the best one in the entire lot. Using this app will make you feel like consulting your very own hairdresser for advice. It has a friendly interface and is very easy to employ.

The app will ask for a picture of yours and get to know some details about your hair. Now, it will suggest some of the best hairstyles suited for your face. Moreover, it also recommends a new hair color along with customized styling suggestions. Imagine all that in just a single app! That is a rare combination for sure!

Time to Up Your Hair Game

This blog provides you with all the best hairstyle apps you could use to get brand new hairstyle ideas. And now that you know about all these apps, you will find it much easier to decide upon the perfect hairstyle. So, before you step foot in the hair salon, make sure to use one of the aforementioned hairstyle apps to achieve the ideal hairstyle you need. But, if your heart wants something else, then you, by all means, should go for the hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful from the inside.

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