7 Best Animation Apps for iPhone

Who doesn’t like cartoons? Whether you are a kid or an adult, whether you like watching cartoons or drawing them, hardly anyone can deny the allure of apps that allow you to make your own cartoons, characters, stories and bring it all to life through animation.

So here are 7 best animation apps that you must give a try at least once if you are an iPhone user. These apps have versatile features, and whether you are a pro artist or just someone who likes to draw, there is something for everyone.

Then let’s get straight to the point. Let’s go!

Best Animation Apps

1. RoughAnimator

It’s a great animation app, especially for beginners and offers a good starting point where you can learn as you go. This aspect of the app makes it perfect for kids too, as they not only learn new things but have fun while they are at it too. But even if you are someone with experience in animation, this app still has a lot to offer.

It has numerous features that cover all stages of animation from basics to the more advanced techniques. It also has options for adding audio, lip-syncing, preview playback and rotoscoping animation. It has custom brushes too, and after you are done with your work, you can export it to Quicktime Video, GIF, Adobe Flash and After Effects, among other options.

Overall, it’s an easy to use animation app with a user-friendly interface and is a must-try regardless of age and knowledge of animation.

2. Animation Studio by miSoft

This one is a unique app that you absolutely cannot skip if you love animation. This app allows you to create cartoons and animate them into creative characters by using paint and graphic import features. You can even dub voices for them and add the soundtrack of your choice into the short you created. 

It’s a really fun process, and though it takes effort to create a good piece, as it does in any other creative quest, you can upload it with high quality on a number of platforms like AppleTV (via AirPlay) and YouTube. You also get an option to share them via email and can export them to your device gallery.

3. Toontastic

This versatile app has a simple and easy to use interface which even kids can use with no trouble at all. You just need to draw a picture with the numerous drawing tools available, and the app does the rest of the work. The app also creates cartoons easily; one just needs to decide upon the story of the drawn character(s) and press record. The app takes care of everything else and quickly, without any hiccups at that.

With your animation ready in a few quick seconds, it’s a great creative activity for kids, who often can’t sit in a place for more than a few minutes, as well as a quite good way of spending free time for people of all ages.

4. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio offers animation options as well as video editing ones, with neither function worse than the other. It has a lot of tools and features that work in its favor, and it also has a number of preloaded themes, overlay modes, titles and sound effects to choose from. 

You can create your own animated movie with the help of options like view and control frames and frame editing, inserting animated objects through grid mode among others through this app. It has an easy to use interface, and you can edit your creative videos just as easily before sharing them to your social media accounts and YouTube. Perfect for all the creative iPhone users out there!

5. Stick Nodes Pro – Animator

With features like automatic framing, this app is one of the best ones available on the iPhone. It is versatile and has numerous features that make it worth it to spend your time and effort working on it, despite the lack of a tutorial. 

Thousands of stick figures, amazing sound effects, text art, color tools and a virtual camera to move and zoom in and out of scenes, this app has all these features and more. You can create your own movie with animated characters, voice dubs, soundtracks and great editing tools and share it on YouTube, or export it to your device library in GIF or MP4 format.

6. FlipaClip

A super fun app for flip animations, and it has a lot of tools to get creative with and quite a few distinct features to offer. With this app, you can very easily create short clips using images, and it has great frame control options. You can use layers, grids and onion skinning to bring your creation to life.

You can also add text and draw on videos and use tools like ruler, lasso and brushes to create stories upon stories with flip animation, and you won’t get bored even a little. It’s just that interesting to work with! 

7. Animation Creator

Another feature-rich and creative animation app right in your hands! It has numerous easy to use drawing and creation tools and options for audio support and custom background. Though the app is pretty simple, it is still one of the best out there and has a lot more to offer like frame management and frame rotation features. You can also import images that you want to work with from your device library.


And that’s it for my list of best animation apps for iPhone users. I hope you found something of interest among these apps and are on your way to realise your passion! 

But even if you didn’t, don’t worry! Try all these out at your leisure and in free time, who knows they might reignite your love for drawing?

And anyway, these apps are super fun, so it’s a win-win situation! Why don’t you also checkout the 5 Best iPhone Apps for Editing Photos.

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