5 Best iPhone Apps for Editing Photos

Perhaps you like to call yourself a photographer or maybe you just enjoy uploading snaps to Instagram. Either way, editing software can help you perfect your photos and give them that professional look. With more people shooting on iPhones more than ever before, there is the emergence of many editing apps that can do this job for you. Whether you’re looking for advanced effects or simple touch-ups, choose your app and get started.


If you have an iPhone, check out VSCO. This is an app that’s actually used by a lot of professional photographers because it’s that great. There are quick editing tools, including shadows, exposure and highlights. There are also pre-set filters to add some character to your snaps. If you’re simply looking for basic editing features, VSCO also has these. For example, you can crop photos and adjust the sharpness. Would you like to become a photographer? You can gain some inspiration from Tej Kohli


Do you want to add color and personality to your photos? Try using the Enlight app. Yu can easily adjust the color and tone of your snaps, as well as draw and write on images. Add boards and frames, plus make several photos into a collage. There are endless possibilities for creativity. You can feel like an artist and create professional images.


Adobe Lightroom

When you think about editing tools for photographers, Adobe probably comes to mind. iPhone users won’t be disappointed. Adobe Lightroom is available for free and you can have the option to pay for premium features. You can do anything from white editing to more extensive corrections on your snaps. This app is a little more complicated, so choose this app if you’re used to messing around with editing tool.


What we love about Snapseed is that it’s free for iPhone users and offers a range of cool tools. It’s very easy to use and user-friendly. You can enhance your image quality, as well as add lens blur, frames and text. There are brushes and perspective correction tools, plus sharpening adjustments and color filters. You can create a piece of art with this app and transform images you take. A quick snap can be turned into a master piece. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner when it comes to editing, Snapseed is good for everybody.



Unwanted blemishes are common on photographers. Whether it’s specks or dirt or even somebody’s car has snuck into your shot, you can use TouchRetouch. This is a fantastic app for iPhone that’s going to quickly remove any unwanted objects. You can remove almost anything and for the image to still look natural. This app costs $1.99 but it’s worth the price tag to create perfect photos. It’s easy to use and allows you to create flawless images that you can have printed. In addition, there’s a clone tool so that you can duplicate an object and add it to your image. You can really play around with your shot.

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