6 Tips to Create Beautiful Abstract Pictures

Abstract picture

The Millennial age is evolving the whole art of abstract photography. This type of photography, that is gaining immense popularity, is basically using your camera to create imagery that appears dramatic simply by using pattern, textures, shapes or colors. The creativity lies in how you arrange these random elements to depict an idea. To create interesting abstract photography, you may want to use the following tips. If you’ve never tried your hand at abstract photography, here is a list of a few subject ideas to help get you started. Read on to find out more:

  • When you are searching for your subjects for your pictures, look for strong elements – strong shapes that appear dynamic and pleasing to the eye. To attract your audiences’ attention to your photograph, you need elements that add some kind of interesting structure to your picture.
  • Make sure you experiment with settings and adjustments like color saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and exposure. They may help you get some pleasing combinations of colors.
  • Sometimes blur images can make great abstract photographs. So, reduce the shutter speed to a fairly low value and experiment by moving your camera.
  • If you plan to capture textures, it is important for you to be able to get maximum detail. You may want to consider wood surface, rice grains, peeling paint, rusty metals, etc for textured abstract images. Make sure you focus on the details, and use a good camera that has multiple focus adjustment options.
  • Another idea you could use is by using repeated patterns.
  • Water ripples or uneven reflective surfaces make great abstract images as well. The distortion and disturbances is attractive to a human eye.
  • Remember, don’t look for perfect patterns or shapes or textures. Look for elements that have an appealing illusion.
  • To be a good abstract photographer, you need to have a great eye for observation. Practice clicking pictures and do a lot of experiments. Different filters and settings as minor as white balance or exposure can cause a drastic change in the overall picture and its tone. Don’t stick with the standard rules of editing, try something new. So don’t hesitate to do experiments with your gear and as well as your subject.

Abstract photography is just a small fraction of the use of camera, the rest of the art lies in your creativity and thought that could transform an entire picture into a masterpiece.

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