The Amazing Advantages of Multi Room Audio Video Systems


Multi room audio video is a reasonably new term that describes some of the technology people use in their homes. Essentially, it means that it provides audio and video systems throughout the entire home. In the past, people would have singular systems all working independently of each other. Thanks to products such as Systemline multi room audio however, people can now use all of their systems all over their home.

The Benefits of Multi Room Audio Video Systems

Most people have a number of audio video tools in their home. These include:

  • DVD players
  • CD players
  • Televisions
  • Radio tuners

Other systems can also exist, however, including CCTV security cameras and surround systems to name but a few. By placing all of these together in a central location, they can be employed to work together and to actually provide their services, be they audio or visual, throughout the entire home.

Manufacturers like Systemline are able to create devices that allow the signal of each of these devices to be sent to every room in the home. Additionally, they enable you to control the source of what you are watching or hearing from anywhere in the home. So, for instance, you could turn the music on your living room sound system on even if you are in the kitchen.

How Do Multi Room Systems Work?

Different manufacturers use different tools. Cat5e cabling is very popular, but more and more suppliers are now choosing wireless connections. Others are more old fashioned and simply use a speaker cable, running this throughout all the different rooms in your home. Speaker cable is often preferred by domestic users because it is the cheapest option out there. This is in turn due to the fact that installing a single, high quality multi-channel amplified in a single, central location is a lot cheaper than having amplifiers in each of the rooms you want to reach. Plus, it means less equipment is needed overall.

Controlling Your Audio Video Feed

The most important part of multi room audio video services is that you can also control it from wherever you are. If this weren’t possible, then you may as well have different pieces of equipment in each room, after all. Having control for all your equipment is also done differently by each manufacturer. The most affordable systems out there tend to come with a keypad that has been pre-engraved. This allows you to change the volume to louder and softer, and to change the channels up and down. However, you could also choose a more existing system. This allows you to manually choose specific channels. Additionally, they give you two way feedback. This means that you can see the covers of your different CD albums and pick music that you want to hear intuitively. Additionally, this keypad is able to operate with your television box as well.

If you are installing a whole house system, you should also want to install a music server. Without one, you would need to manually change discs every time you want to listen to different music or watch a different movie. While many systems do come with multi-disc players, do consider signing up for a streaming service. This allows you to listen to all types of different music and watch all kinds of different movies without ever having to change a disc.

How to Choose the System that Is Right for You

If you do want to install a multi room audio system in your home, you will have to work out what type of system is right for you. To do this, you must first answer a number of questions. These include:

  1. In which parts of your home do you want the multi room audio to be introduced? Will this be a whole house thing, something specific to just a few rooms, or even just a single room?
  2. What sort of budget do you have available for this type of system?
  3. Have you thought about the speakers? You can choose between hidden speakers, which are carefully placed within walls and recesses, or you could choose visible speakers that are attached to your wall or placed on stands.
  4. What type of control do you want? Should it be fully manual or mounted to the wall? How much control do you want to have when you use the device?

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