Scientists Closer to Creating Three-Course Gum la Wonka

Prepare the Juicer! This isn’t your grandfather’s bubblegum. In fact, this isn’t even the flavor-shifting Stride Shift. Scientists are inching closer and closer to creating a gum which offers the experience of a three-course meal, much like the gum seen in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by using manipulated nanoparticles. Researchers claim that time-release nanostructures within the gum might be ...

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Google Has Secretely Developed a Self-Driving Car

Is Google setting its sights on alternative green transportation? It would seem odd that a search company would be in the headlines as a cutting-edge developer of automobiles, but apparently, Google still has a few secrets up their wizard sleeves. Google has secretly been developing a self-driven, autonomous car which actually does what it’s supposed to do. Google has accumulated ...

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Researchers Aim to Create a Census for Robots

“Have you filled out your robot census? No? You know that’s illegal right?” We’re not quite there yet, nor do we really have the need, but eventually, robots might have a census of their own. In fact, a small scale version is already underway. Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University launched a robot census to determine how many robots existed on the ...

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Light Frequency Fingertips Turn Your Fingers Into an Orchestra

I played guitar off-and-on for about ten years, but I gave up my musical aspirations once I realized my fingers just weren’t made for rapid chord progressions. All the practice in the world couldn’t solve my coordination issues, or change the fact that my fingers more closely resemble sausages than most human anatomy should. Some talents you just have to ...

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