What is Agile Development?

It might be best to start by explaining what was happening before Agile Development became the latest IT development methodology. Traditionally, software development has been a systematic, orderly four step process, starting with analysing what is required to complete the task, designing the software, coding, and finally testing. This is called the Waterfall method. This strategy has its own set ...

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space adventure

We don’t know yet what – if any – currency card will be used in space, however we are now living in a time where the dream of space tourism is tantalisingly close to fulfilment. It will happen in many of our lifetimes, although there are a couple of limitations to bear in mind. One is timescale – the first ...

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What The Hell Is This Hyperloop Thing?


For the past few weeks the term "hyperloop" has been thrown around by tech blogs and science fiction nerds everywhere. We could resist the temptation no longer so today we're checking out this newfangled concept of the hyperloop.

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Newspaper Delivering Drone: The Paperboy Without a Soul

Paperboy was one of my favorite Nintendo games when I was a young'n. One of the shittiest summer jobs of all-time would never again seem as appealing as it did at that moment. Countless gamers were disappointed to discover that delivering papers was not the tale of glamour and adventure that Nintendo would have us believe.

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