The Dynamic Chair Turns Your Body Into a Human Computer Mouse


Govert Flint’s Dynamic Chair translates the user’s movements into on-screen actions.

With separate pieces for your back, legs and butt, each of your body parts moves independent of each other and creates an immersive mouse experience.

Three accelerometers positioned around the chair measure movement in X, Y and Z directions.

Collected data is then transferred along wires to a computer, which is programmed to use the information to move a cursor around a computer screen positioned at the sitter’s eye level.

I’m not going to lie.¬†I can definitely used the exercise. I can barely make it from my apartment building to the¬†sidewalk, let alone control an entire computer interface.

Screw touch screens and gesture controls. Your body is your vessel, and you can use it for so much more than just unsuccessfully trying to look attractive.


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