Xsens MVN Biomech is the Future in 3-D Motion Tracking


The sports world and its athletes are going to be taking training to a whole new level. A new system for tracking body movements and acceleration was released earlier this year.

MVN Biomech, is a human motion, measurement system that captures the full range of movement from the smallest twitches to the most dynamic movements the human body can do.

The MVN motion capture suit from Xsens uses three different types of 3-D or three-dimensional, miniature sensors.

The gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers allow the tracking of up to 17 different body segments. Something really appreciated about the suit is the fact that no cameras or marker types are required; the suit can measure body movement in any lighting condition, no matter where you are.

Increased knowledge of how the human body acts and reacts can provide many benefits. From monitoring and improving a quarterbacks throwing technique to helping golfers use the correct form when swinging a club, virtually any sport can use body movement tracking and measuring to improve training techniques.

Studies have been done using the Xsens, MVN Biomech suit on the spin and glide techniques of the shot put throw. The complicated physical movements of the spin throw are a perfect example of the effectiveness of this type of movement analysis.

By being able to measure the movement of the athlete’s whole body and see that on a 3-D model, both trainers and athletes can more easily determine areas that need to be improved. Things like posture of the back and neck or how the knees are bent when releasing.

By learning more about how the human body interacts with itself, better methods of accomplishing the same goals can be realized. Injuries caused from moving incorrectly or from physical breakdown over time can be lessened or virtually eliminated. This kind of knowledge alone could save huge bundles of money, not only in the sports world, but in the everyday work world as well.

Imagine this knowledge used for modern day professional football. The sudden, fast moves of the players combined with the hard hits of the tacklers, must show a wealth of knowledge, using such a system.

Players could learn better ways to set their body or erupt into fast movements, like when the ball is snapped. A runner could learn how to either avoid a tackle or take the hit in the least physically damaging way possible, thus stopping injuries before they happen.

Field goal kickers can learn how to better align their legs and feet to kick the football for maximum distance and accuracy and help to win more games.

The uses this suit can be put to are almost endless. From Biomechanics, sports and rehabilitation or human-robot interaction, the study of how the human body moves is near priceless.

Learning new ways to accomplish old tasks that are quicker, easier and less prone to injury, would be welcome in any endeavor.

Who knows what we will learn to do when using a suit like the MVN Biomech from Xsens.

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