Cyborgs R Us?

In an age of ever-more fantastic gadgets, it's becoming received wisdom that we're all cyborgs now. But as implant hacker Lepht Anonym reminds us, the original vision of the term was dangerous and feral. Videos after the jump.

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Philip K. Dick’s Head Resurfaces

The head of the Philip K. Dick android, which went missing in 2006, has been rebuilt by Hanson Robotics. Who will help it come to grips with its strange and chequered past? Video after the jump.

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Man On Wireless

A controversial radio-controlled flight over Manhattan brings a measure of joy and wonder to the New York City skyline.

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Sex-crazed cyborg-moth mind control!

Scientists at Tokyo Tech have tapped into the neurons of a male silk moth, connecting its tiny brain to a little wheeled robot. When the moths sense organs are exposed to female pheremones, the robot performs the silk moths mating dance.

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