Netgear Skype Phone = stocking stuffer

If your still busting your head over what to get that special someone for their stocking or just as a general Christmas gift, a Skype cellphone is a pretty neat idea for Skype users. The phone allows you to call any other Skype user for free when you’re within a WiFi enabled area. For a minimal cost, you can buy ...

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Powerstick USB gadget charger

We’ve all seen the USB flash drives with the little display on front to let you know how full your drive is with your precious data, and The ECOSOL Powerstick might look identical to one of those. If you look closely, it has a little icon of a gasoline tank, what’s that about? The Powerstick serves as a charger for ...

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US shoe stores to try 3D footsize imaging

What do you do when you need to try out your new technology? Test it on innocent children’s feet, of course! Stride Rite, the leading retailer of children’s shoes in the US has began to use a 3D gauge for sizing feet that is designed for measuring highly accurate measures. The gauges were installed in three Boston area stores after ...

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NASA finds evidence of water on Mars

New photographs compared to older photographs of Mars’ surface show evidence that water once flowed, or still does flow on the Red Planet. The Mars Orbital Camera shows deposits like would be seen from a stream of water or urine, but the lack of life proves otherwise. The Surveying Camera has taken hundreds of photos of craters and gullies that ...

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