Behold! Google’s Self-Driving Automobile

The TED Conference is basically a large gathering of nerds to talk about and, as is the case with the below video, show off how nerdy you can be. Of course, I say “nerd” in the most affectionate of ways, as many of the people who attend the TED Conference will one day rule us all.

Such as Sebastian Thrun. Mr. Thrun, a Google Fellow and engineer at Stanford University, shows a group of people the future of automotives: a self-driving vehicle.

You may not believe it, but the vehicle in that video is being driven by a computer. If that isn’t impressive enough for you, consider this: according to Thrun, the program used to drive this vehicle is already capable of negotiating public roadways and one of the vehicles has already navigated a car, safely, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which (according to Bing) is 381.4 miles.

All you have to do is market this to people who like to party on the weekends and this will sell millions.


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