Robotics Make Manufacturing Automation Easy


Fully automated manufacturing and industrial processes are some of the key challenges that most businesses are facing in order to get the most out of their products. With technology advancing so fast, there is need to be flexible and be on the same levels or even higher up than other manufacturing companies. With the use of robots and robotic arms, manufacturing automation becomes much easier in the execution of certain tasks.

Today we have different kinds of manufacturing automation. There is vehicle manufacturing automation, factory automation, home automation, construction automation and many others. The automation of the manufacturing industry, using robotics enables the company to achieve things like taking stock, checking the inventory, keeping up with the daily production reports, making sound decisions depending on the data at hand and even connecting the machines to the cloud.

Universal Robots manufactures automation robotics arms and robots that make every work much easier to perform. One of the companies that has invested in manufacturing automation is Stantræk. Stantræk is a Danish production company that acquired two robotic arms from Universal Robots to enable the company to produce and expand more. With the purchase of the robotic arms, the company can now boast of more revenue and a great deal cut on unnecessary losses. The robotic arms did not affect or increase the payroll insignificantly.

Before the purchase of the robotic arms, the Danish company faced stiff competition form other companies in Eastern Europe that had much lower requirements for wages. This saw the company missing many job bids. The company could not also hire more staff because of the high wages and had to look for an alternative. The alternative was to find a way to produce more without hiring more staff.

Finding solutions

The solution came with the purchase of two robotic arms from universal robots, which the employees of Stantræk received well. The two UR5 changed almost everything in the company and things started looking up. In the period between 2008 and 2018, the company’s revenue rose from $4million to $7million. The company also increased the number of its employees from 21 to 28 in the same period. This would not have been possible were it not for the manufacturing automation.

Of the two UR5 acquired by the company, one produces all the mechanical components that are placed in a box before they go through the stamping process. In one hour, it would take a worker with enough experience to pack 400 items in one box. A robotic arm on the hand packs about 300 of the same items in a box in an hour. While this might look like the robotic arm is slower, the contrary is true. The robotic arm does not take any breaks, it does not take any leave from work and it does not require any paycheck for the work done. Therefore, in the end, the robotic arm ends up doing more work than the person charged to carry the task does.

How Universal Robots makes manufacturing Automation easier

Automation with robotic arms makes every production process work easier. In the vehicle industry for example, automation makes it so easy for both the manufacturers and the vehicle owners to let automation carry out tasks that in the past proved rather hectic. Vehicles can now park, reverse, brake, steer, autopilot and even detect collisions all thanks automation.

Using Universal Robots for all your manufacturing  automation activities makes everything flow automatically  which is what modern manufacturing is all about. Using robotics to replace humans frees them many obstacles that come with the job. Some of the things replaced by robotics are handling dirty and oily situations at the work place. The universal robots also make it easier by taking over the more dangerous roles, freeing the humans from the monotony of a dull job, eliminating or minimizing human errors, cutting down on manufacturing costs, reducing variability, improving the quality of the work and increasing the revenues of the company.

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