Using a VR Editor: How to Put Together Your Trailblazing 3D Experience

VR editor

You’ve got amazing 3D video footage of Rome in sunset, of a funfair in the US, of children dancing in the park. Or perhaps you’re a hotel owner with great 3D footage or your hotel, or a real estate agent with footage of a sprawling LA mansion. Now, how to you turn your raw material into a tremendous immersive experience ...

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How to Ensure Success as a Car Wash Startup?

Car cleaning business

Now, until and unless you have been living under a rock, you will be able to say very easily that a car is one of the most common things to be owned by people these days. This is because it is actually a necessity and life would be really difficult without it. Even the cab services that are available through ...

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Getaway Shootout Review – Betrayal Never Felt So Good

Getaway Shootout

Let’s be honest here: we’ve all planned the perfect heist, right? We’ve all, in our mind, handpicked the perfect criminals to accompany us on a daring raid of some bank or government building or other, detailing exactly who performs what role and where everyone should be at any given time. There’s no need to feel guilty; it’s cathartic, and besides, ...

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MySQL Security Tips

Database security

In this article we will give you some tips on securing your MySQL or MariaDB database. 1. Secure MySQL installation This step includes the following – Setting a password for the root account, if you didn’t set it during installation; – Disabling remote root user login by removing root accounts that are accessible from outside the localhost; – Removing accounts ...

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4 Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Badging

Cloud based badging

While we strive for accessibility in almost all facets of life, there should be basic requirements for accessing a building, whether it’s a school or a place of business. Not only for obvious safety reasons, such as preventing unauthorized visitors, but also to protect employees, students, data, internal processes and other information that’s best kept secure. As the need for ...

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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Your House

Air conditioner for house

Air conditioners are a great way to keep anyone cool and composed especially when the weather is hot. They come in different shapes and sizes such as split type and window type. There are some folks who resort to a complete solution, opting for centralized air conditioning. However, this requires a large investment that may also burden a person’s electric ...

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Food Grade Ink: What Is It, and How Is It Used?

Expiration date food

Having ink on your food probably doesn’t sound very appetizing, but many food products are coded or otherwise directly marked, for production, packaging, or resale. Food manufacturers and resellers are typically required to use food grade or human consumption ink for these markings. If you’re considering manufacturing or reselling any food product, note some important information about food grade ink ...

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What are the Advantages of an Electric Car?

top electric cars

The moment people heard that cars will now be able to run on batteries and electricity, there was a great buzz. Well, it is totally acceptable because it is nothing less than a revolution is the way people viewed cars. However, one thing which caught everyone’s attention was the fact that the masses were totally divided in their opinion. This ...

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Automotive Technology and the Internet of Things

Automobile tech

Millions of people use the Internet every day, though some refer to it as “the web” or simply “the net” or “online.” For many of these people, this technology is a primary way of communicating, sharing thoughts and images, and exchanging data. Electronic communication has altered the world and given Earth’s population a worldwide economy. There’s another use for computer ...

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How to Prepare your Car for Winter

Car for winter

Winter is doubtlessly the harshest season of the year. Before the season begins, you will find many people in the market looking for warm clothes while others will be installing state-of-the-art heating equipment on their premises. What most of them don’t know is that the winter weather can be detrimental to their cars, regardless of whether they have great brands ...

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