Technologies That Have Changed The World Of Video Games

Video games have gone through a long stage to be so perfect today. Many achievements become more vivid thanks to the hard work of scientists and developers. You can find confirmation of this here and see how advanced and successful the games have become today. 

One of the most popular games is World of Warcraft, which has gathered more than 10 million users.  This is an online role-playing game in which the player controls one game character — an inhabitant of the fantasy universe of Warcraft. It is necessary to perform various tasks in order to constantly improve the characteristics of your character and his equipment. This allows you to open access to new, more complex tasks and dungeons. For easier passage of the levels, you can purchase gold at 

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New Features In Games:

Face recognition.

Technologies such as 3D scanning and facial recognition allow players to transfer your appearance into the game. Thanks to this, you have a good opportunity to create an avatar identical to your appearance. In addition, these technologies allow us to develop games that read the emotions of the player and display them on the character. For example, if you cannot pass some difficult level of the game, then your sad emotions will be analyzed, and you will be offered an easier way to pass this level.

Voice control. 

A new invention in games is the recognition of user voice commands. What could be better? After all, now you don’t have to press the keys to use the command you need. Now you can control the character and the game as a whole thanks to the voice.

Augmented reality. 

If you want to add virtuality to the real world, then today there is every opportunity for this. The so-called “augmented reality” is possible on phones or tablets with a high-quality camera. For example, if you point the camera at a real window, the game can show on the screen how virtual enemies climb through it. 

One of the more well-known examples of the introduction of this technology is Pokemon GO. In this game, you had to catch Pokemon in the real world using the augmented reality function. In addition, your location directly depended on how this animal would look like. This game was quite popular at the time. 

Displays for the head. 

Many people are used to the fact that in video games, players have maximum control over the character. Just by pressing a couple of keys, they can find out detailed information about the parameters of the hero. All this can appear in front of us at any moment in the form of a table in a matter of seconds with the help of virtual reality glasses. However, scientists have moved a little further in this matter, and for more comfortable use came up with lenses. Unlike past electronic contact lenses, they use LEDs. With their help, you can see all the necessary information not only about the characters, but also in everyday matters.

Gesture control.

Thanks to new technologies, namely a 3D camera that tracks 22 individual points on your hand, you can play and control the characters and the game process using gestures.

Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being introduced into everyday life: it is used in medicine, finance and commerce, industry and ensuring order and security. Video games are also no exception. And of course the games did not pass by. Artificial intelligence facilitates the work of developers. Because there is no longer a need, for example, to spend time drawing each individual flower in a meadow or something else. All this is now done by a computer in a shorter period of time. And thanks to the open possibilities, developers can think about new ideas and projects to further interest game lovers and you can enjoy the game process.


Video games take us to places that we will never see, and allow us to experience events that are impossible in reality, but this does not mean that they always look realistic. Many developers are content with cartoon or stylized graphics, but some are trying to achieve photorealism.

Fantastic plots combined with a believable–looking setting is really something. Many games are close to the perfection of computer graphics – amazing landscapes, magnificent cars and changing weather, and much more. 

Developers work everyday to make our life easier, brighter and more interesting. We can only admire the work they have done. However, there is always something to grow, because there is no limit to perfection!

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