Top Mobile App Development Myths Demystified

Business mobile apps

With mobile phones becoming a necessity, apps have become the need of the hour. Mobile application development services keep finding new opportunities in the sector. From small businesses to large ones – everyone is grasping onto the opportunity this medium provides. Putting your business or service out there and making it as easy as possible for potential customers to find ...

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Basic Guidelines for Submitting Your iOS App

Mobile apps security

When it comes to app development, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions rooted among the general population – starting from it being easy to develop an app to it being easy for users to find the said app. Many myths are broken when people actually start getting involved in the process. Even when you hire mobile application developers, ...

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E-Commerce Analytics: 4 Must-have Reports for Online Stores

Keeping track of your e-commerce business activity is essential when you want to spot some mistakes and make improvements. There is no “by the book” rule to generate strong sales, and most of the time, you’ll have to be flexible enough in order to adjust your marketing strategy. If you want your online store to perform at its peak, then ...

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Does Bad Credit stop you from Getting Car Finance


The Ford Focus has been the UK’s most popular car for over a decade. Coming in at around £20,000 new and upwards of £5,000 used, buying a Focus outright is well out of reach for many Brits. Luckily, there are other routes to car ownership and car finance is one of the most realistic and affordable. But what if you ...

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Top 5 Battle Royale Games

life the game

Battle Royale is a sub-genre that has become one of the dominating ones when it comes to the gaming industry in the last few years. This genre is usually defined as an online multiplayer video game that has a blend of survival and exploration and scavenging elements that result in or end in the last-man-standing gameplay. We have shortlisted our ...

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Hit the Road with Safe Technology From the 2020 Ford Escape

road technology

Now that the winter is starting to finally come to an end, it’s time to start planning upcoming road trips and holidays. Road trips are time-honoured traditions of exploring new places and spending time with friends and families. Creating music playlists that every passenger enjoys, discovering nature and the great outdoors, stopping at fun or interesting tourist attractions — road ...

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Benefits of SD-WAN


The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a fast, reliable and widely accessible technology adopted by a good number of companies as their primary connectivity solution. It helps route traffic to remote locations, including branch offices, and removes the burden of traffic management from physical devices. The SD-WAN supports multiple connection types, such as the Long-Term Evolution or LTE, High-speed ...

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How These CEOs Get Involved With Their Businesses


Chief executive officers are considered the holy grail of business. They are highly regarded among staff at their companies, but there also tends to be a stigma surrounding the role that they play. For starters, many team members believe their CEOs are unapproachable, and distinct from the rest of the organization. Many others don’t even fully understand the role that ...

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How CBD Got into The World of Tech

cbd oil

It feels like CBD has gotten into everything, including the world of technology. This burgeoning industry is a magnet for up and coming industries, and CBD is among the fastest growing industries out there. By the end of 2022, it’s expected to be a $22 billion industry!  But just how do tech and CBD go together? One is an edible ...

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