Why Invest in a Term Deposit?


Visit any financial institution, and you will probably see advertising for term deposits. Many banks claim they have the best term deposit rates but harbor secret fees and charges. What is a term deposit? How can you find the best term deposits?  A term deposit is an investment product offered by certified lenders. To open a term deposit, you simply ...

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen faucet

Renovation is costly, but all of us would like to have the house of our dreams. Pinterest and YouTube give us so many ideas that look way out of our budget, but from the same sources, we also find so many cheap DIY options that look like they were done by professionals. There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of ...

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5 Perks From Online Gaming You Haven’t Thought Of


There are many benefits for adults and children that stem from online gaming that are often overlooked. Recent research supports the idea that online gaming can actually be good for you. For years people have frowned upon online gaming and thought it to isolate individuals from the outside world. In fact, in today’s digital world, just the opposite can be ...

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5 Ways Technology Improving Small Business Customer Service

Know your business

Introduction: Technology is helping us to progress in an exciting future. I am sure it will help us in creating a better future for ourselves and the world as a result. Although the future is a distant topic, it is created by our present. At present, the way technology is improving our lifestyle, our way of thinking is something marvelous. ...

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Africans Are Losing The Internet Lottery


We tend to think of Africa as being a continent of developing nations, and that isn’t always fair. There are some developing nations in Africa, but there are also some countries that are easily as advanced in terms of social and technological development as many European states, and some areas of the United States of America, too. As a group, ...

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VPNs are Now a Fact of Life

Virtual private networks are one of the bright spots of the tech landscape, as they do so much for a relatively low price. For just a few dollars per month, you can get tons of technical utility out of a garden-variety VPN. What are the key advantages? Here’s a short list of why opting for a VPN makes sense for ...

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Development Analysis: Template Apps vs Custom Apps

mobile apps

Businesses have started going mobile as they understand the desires of users and the future of the market. Their needs to create an app might vary. Whilst some businesses need an app for internal employee and client management, others simply want to make a profit. The mobile app development service you’ll end up choosing will greatly vary based on your ...

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How To Check if Someone is Using Your WiFi


Have you suspected someone of using your WiFi-connected without your permission? Setting up a WiFi-connected has become so affordable that almost everyone has a WiFi router in their home. You can also use your mobile phone as an access point and browse the internet on other WiFi-enabled devices. But this convenience brings along with it a headache that almost everyone ...

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Modern Tech Trends that your Home might be Missing out on

home security

Looking for inspiration on how to modernise your home? Here are current ideas and trends worth looking into, and that you might be currently missing out on. Voice Control To many, controlling the electronics and inner workings in your home via voice control might seem like a farfetched idea from a science fiction film, but not only is it quickly ...

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