5 Ways to Use Technology to Deal With Stress

About seven in 10 adults in the U.S. experience health issues due to stress. Whether feeling overwhelmed, worrying regularly, or dealing with changes in sleeping habits, you might be among the Americans struggling with mental health issues due to stress. 

While no one can escape all stress in their life, some stress can and should be avoided. If you’re married with kids, you’ll need to juggle multiple responsibilities for the good of your family. But there are times stress can and should be avoided — like dealing with toxic acquaintances. You’ll have to set up boundaries to protect your mental health and sense of well-being.

The good news is you can use technology to deal with the stress you go through in life. If you are struggling with stress, here are five ways technology can help.

1. Mindfulness Apps

According to Statista, the meditation apps market globally could grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.49% from 2024 to 2028. So, it’ll be worth $7.08 billion by the end of the market forecast period. People are gravitating toward mindfulness and meditation apps for various reasons. If dealing with stress, you can check out some apps to achieve a positive state of mind. 

Using the right apps, you can learn breathing techniques, follow guided meditation routines, and do other things to feel better. Mindfulness or meditation apps could be part of the solution.

2. Sound Therapy Apps

Sound therapy apps can soothe your mind, help you get a good night’s sleep, and otherwise achieve better overall mental health. If you are dealing with stress and desperate to get help, consider sound therapy apps. You can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. You have nothing to lose. Check out some apps on your app store of choice to see whether they help you.

3. Exercise Apps

One source recommends getting 150 to 300 minutes of moderate physical activity and two days of muscle-strengthening activity weekly. Exercise apps can help you achieve your fitness goals. You can leverage these apps to choose exercise routines based on what you want to achieve and your fitness level. If you’re not accustomed to regular exercise, you can select exercise routines that let you gradually increase your workload.

You can also track progress using exercise apps. So, while keeping track of physical fitness goals, you’ll experience mental health benefits and better deal with stress.

4. Sleep Tech

You can also get sleep technology that records certain metrics while you sleep. It’ll determine if there are issues with sleep quality so you can make changes to get quality shut-eye every night. While you need seven to nine hours of sleep nightly, you require quality sleep. Do you constantly get up to use the bathroom? Are you otherwise restless during the night? If so, you’re not getting quality sleep. The right sleep tech can help you get enough sleep. If you fail to get enough sleep, your mental health will ultimately suffer. 

5. Audiobook Platforms

Do you enjoy reading? Whether you prefer fiction, non-fiction, biographies, horror, or some other genre, you can enjoy your favorite books in audiobook formats. Consuming books in this way can help you feel relaxed and calm. And the good thing is you can enjoy audiobooks wherever you are. Whether at home or in your car, you can make audiobooks part of your day.

While these technology options can help you deal with stress, technology can solve all your stress issues. If you’re overworked on the job, you can speak to your boss about it. And if you’re stressed out over robocalls from debt collectors or other parties, you can contact a consumer protection lawyer experienced at helping clients dealing with harassment from robocalls. You may even need to see a therapist if you are struggling to cope with stress in your life.

Tech is great — there’s no doubt about that — but that doesn’t mean everything can be solved with technology.

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