Why Tech Companies Shouldn’t Ignore Electricity Rates

commercial electric rates in US

Last week, a set of map graphics visualizing average electricity rates by state went viral on Reddit. It amassed over 8700 points and over 1000 comments from users on the site. Beyond just being an interesting topic to discuss, average electricity rates can also be analyzed in relation to where tech hubs are located. Plus, a deeper examination illustrates how ...

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Uber and its Penchant for Trouble

uber is in trouble

Everyone has used cab or taxi while travelling. Earlier, people had to go to taxi stands to get the taxi. It was tiring and was not so convenient as you had to wait at the taxi stands for taxis and then pray that the taxi driver will be ready to take you the your destination but because of online booking ...

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How AWS Can Save You Money While Making Your Business More Profitable

AWS service for business

If you have a coordinated business or just starting out in a business world, then you know the importance of the concept of saving money. Every company should have a strict budget set up and everyone should respect it. There will be many opportunities where you can save money while making business operations more effective. It’s crucial that you recognize ...

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Key Reasons Why You Currently Don’t Have Any Debt Relief

head down

You’re in a financial crisis, and your only option is debt relief. Perhaps you’ve heard about how it helped others get over their financial obligations. Now, you feel optimistic that you should seek for the same solution. However, rather than feeling the same joy and liberation, your hopes are dashed because youwere declined for a chance to use it to ...

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Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

vaping vs smoking

If you don’t take the time to look into the subject, it can be easy to believe there isn’t much difference between vaping and smoking when it comes to our health. But that’s simply not true. Even a quick look at the actual facts makes it hard to deny vaping is so much safer than smoking that the two don’t ...

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Sendpulse SMS Service Review

SMS sending

A lot of email marketing services provide businesses with their help while communicating with the customers. There is no doubt that each service has its own advantages which make it stand out among others. The main criteria, taken into account while comparing such services are available communication channels, presence or absence of free plans, prices, reputation as a sender and ...

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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Brain Youthful for Longer

active your brain

Did you know that the brain degenerates as we age? According to research published by NCBI, the human brain shrinks with age and changes at all levels, from molecules to morphology. The changes in levels of neurotransmitters and hormones increase the risk of dementia, stroke, white matter lesions and more. Some of the symptoms of an aging brain include a ...

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How to Boost Sexual Stamina

boost stamina

Do you know how long your intercourse should last? According to a study published by Esquire, a normative intercourse can lasts anywhere between 3 to 13 minutes, excluding foreplay, female orgasm, etc. It can be easily extended to 7 to 13 minutes. In fact, intercourse that extends between 10 to 30 minutes is considered “too long” by sex therapists. However, ...

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Metal Types and Ease of Detection in the Food Industry

food industry survey

The food industry is undeniably one of the largest markets in the world, and a large part of that is the frozen food industry. It has grown far beyond what it’s pioneers ever imagined, becoming the source of livelihood for millions of people across the world. This includes everything from frozen veggies that can be easily thrown into a dish ...

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5 Hidden Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Are you interested in switching from in-house IT personnel to outsourced IT staff? Is your business growing quickly, and in need of dedicated IT support staff? If so, you may be interested in outsourced IT. Outsourced IT is a great way to get the IT support and services you need without hiring full-time staff. Choosing an outsourced IT provider has ...

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