Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: Which One is Right for you?


Consider the following factors when comparing the pros and cons of shared hosting and dedicated hosting when setting up your website. Cost Dedicated hosting will always be significantly costlier than shared hosting. Shared hosting is the best option if you have a limited budget. On the other hand, consider dedicated hosting if you can spend more on your site’s hosting ...

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Ecommerce Advice: Selling & Shipping Fragile Items

Fragile item

The ecommerce industry is booming, which makes it an exciting time to start an online store. But you have a lot of decisions to make.The type of products you sell ultimately determines best practices for stocking inventory, packaging and delivery. What if you sell fragile items?You don’t want your products to show up on customers’ doorsteps broken or damaged. With ...

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Far Cry 5 Review

Video games

Far Cry 5 is the 11th marvellous title and the 5th main installment in the series of Far Cary, released on March 27, 2018. Like its predecessor, Far Cry 5 mainly revolves around Action-Adventure, FPS (First-person Shooter), and Exploration elements, taking place in an open world environment where the player can navigate the landscapes freely either on foot or via ...

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Best WordPress Plug-ins


If we take a closer look at how you can make money using a website, we get the following things: 1. Selling your own products/items 2. Selling unique services 3. Affiliate marketing 4. Advertising Although there are many other ways that one can make money using websites, when it comes down to it, those little ideas can be generalized in ...

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Survivio: Two Thumbs, Three Grenades, and One Sniper Rifle Up!

We would call Survivio an end-of-day stress reliever. One where you can sit back, relax (kinda), and not have to worry over what’s going on in your reality, because in the moment you’re more concerned with having fun and shooting your opponents. The whole point of Survivio is to survive. It’s in the name. You are plopped down into a ...

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WordPress Plugin: Perfect Tool to Optimize your Website

Plugin setup

The website is like the storefront. It displays the infrastructure of your business or services, thereby maintaining it is always on the top priority. The word press is the most common platform used in making most of the websites. One of the most added advantages of word press is the easy optimization feature that helps to keep the site almost ...

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The Pros of Adding Reseller Hosting to Your Website

Reseller hosting

Since you’re already subscribing to a hosting service to run your website on, it’s a wise decision to upgrade to a reseller web hosting package to turn your hosting expense into a profitable venture. There are many pros to having your own reseller web hosting account. You will be able to charge companies for space on the web servers you ...

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How Much Does a Website Cost

Building site

Today, when almost everything can be done online, any business will get the advantage over competitors by simply having a website. A website needn’t cost an arm and a leg, though, and this is something more and more entrepreneurs are becoming privy to. Just how much are you willing to pay for a high-quality website to showcase your products and ...

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Tips to Manage Student Loans after Graduation

Student loan debt

Either you are a recent graduate or taking a short break from school, managing the student loan could be a tough job for you. But, do you believe that you can do it in a smarter way by taking a few initial actions? Yes, you can. Undoubtedly student loan debt has become a bigger problem in recent years but in ...

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